You might be an aspiring cook or a serious gastronome. Either way, you will love all the fantastic recipes we have collected for you here.

I have to confess that I am very much an amateur chef myself.

However, I do love fine dining and food in all of its presentations. I do cook from time to time and many of the recipes I bring you, do inspire me to don my pinny and get busy in the kitchen.

Stephen Walker is now an elderly blogger from an ingineering background. He has been a high-flying techie in the early years of the Internet but, times change and even the high-flying whizz-kid gets left behind.

Unfortunately, he now suffers drom multiple sclerosis which makes the task of staying up-to-date with technology that much harder.

In an attempt to mitigate the losses of brain-function brought about by the brain fog of MS, he is now learning to speak Spanish.

It is a well-accepted fact, that learning a new skill, like a new language, builds new neural connections in the brain. This helps to minimize the effects of brain fog and improve general cognitive abilities.