I am ashamed to admit that I have never been to Belgium or tasted one of these delightful Belgian soup recipes.

This is all the more surprising when I tell you that we have a nephew who lives in Brussels with his Norwegian wife and young son.

Although. when I think about it, we must have travelled through Belgium en-route to Germany.

Belgium is a beautiful country and the Belgian people are very friendly.

However, the more I travel, the more I realise that all people are friendly if you give them the chance.

I love the French people and I especially love the Spanish but the country that stands out above all others, so far, is Morocco.

The Moroccan people were especially friendly and very, very helpful.

However, Morocco is very hot. We visited Morocco in March or April and it was stifling. I cannot begin to imagine what it might be like in the height of summer. We visited Essaouira on the coast and then drove inland to Marrakesh.

As an ageing hippy, I was very excited to be visiting Marrakesh. Not because I was looking to experiment with hashish. I am way too old to be experimenting with hallucigenic drugs.

Belgian soup recipes

Soup is a mainstay on the dinner table of many cultures and societies. This is equally true for the local population of Belgium.

We have included a selection of popular Belgian soup recipes for your consideration and to give you an idea of what the Belgian people eat.

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Belgian Beer Conch Chowder

Beer is a favourite ingredient in many of these Flemish recipes. And chowder is one of my favourite form os soup. A Chowder was, originally, a dish for fishermen, made with seafood.

It is a rich, thick and chunky soup. And while it was originally a seafood dish, nowadays vegetable chowders are very popular.

However, this beer conch chowder. is a recipe of the original seafood persuasion.

Belgian Beer Conch Chowder

And, the beer adds a delicate floral note to this gorgeous, creamy soup.

Belgian Beer and Endive Soup

This is a twist on the Witloofsoep of Belgium. June takes her own interpretation and lovely, fresh Belgian ingredients to create this stunning soup.

Belgian Beer and Endive Soup

Beautifully fresh vegetables and North Sea shrimp are combined to create a truly inspirational dish.

Furthermore, June has transformed this classic endive soup into a smooth, silky cream of endive soup.

I hope you will be inspired by this gorgeous recipe, I certainly feel hungry.

Belgian Tomato Meatball Soup

This Belgian Tomato Meatball Soup is a truly scrumptious dinner time treat. The correct Belgian name is Tomatensoep Met Ballekes which doesn’t quite have the same ring to the English ear.

Belgian Tomato Meatball Soup

This delicious tomato-based soup recipe suggests quite large meatballs.

But, I prefer smaller spoon-sized meatballs that allow easier consumption.

This easy recipe is a one-pot soup and can be made in under 30 minutes.

However, you will love this flavoursome soup regardless of the meatball size.

Waterzooi Flemish Chicken Soup

I really like this very traditional Flemish chicken stew recipe. You will also love this soup because this is clean eating at its finest.

Waterzooi Flemish Chicken dish

You probably have all the ingredients for this tasty recipe of waterzooi in your kitchen cupboard.

Belgian Potato and Leek Soup with Abbey Ale

Leek and potato soup is a great favourite in our household. Therefore, I have always assumed this soup to be a traditional British dish. But, I have been proven wrong on many things, this could be another.

Belgian Potato and Leek Soup with Abbey Ale

But, leeks proliferate in the Belgian countryside, so this soup is a staple of Belgium housewife.

Belgium Brussels Sprout Soup

Love them or hate them Brussels sprouts are guaranteed to fuel an argument. I like them as baby sprouts chopped and sauteed with bacon.

Belgium Brussels Sprout Broth

With a chicken stock as a base, the cooked Brussels sprouts are blended to give a smooth finish and thickened with egg yolk for a creamy finish.

Belgian Chicken Booyah

A booyah is a traditional dish from Wisconsin. This chicken booyah is a Belgian version of the American kettle stew.

Belgian Chicken Booyah

I could argue that this is not strictly a soup. But, you could take the view that the difference between a stew and a soup is a very fine line.

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