Do you have a secret? An irresistible urge that you don’t speak of. I think one of our best chocolate cake recipes might satisfy your urge. Surely everybody loves the rich taste of a succulent chocolate cake.

I share your love of deep, dark chocolate. And, a lovely luscious chocolate cake is a rare treat that I allow myself, occasionally.

Originally, chocolate was a bitter drink, not a sweet creamy dessert. Chocolate came from South America and has roots in the Olmec and Mayan civilisations.

The chocolate we know and love is sweet and creamy. But, chocolate is made from the seeds of the cacao tree. Cacao tree seeds have an intensely bitter flavour, The seeds must be fermented before we can use them for chocolate.

After being fermented, the cacao beans are dries, cleaned and roasted, The shell of the bean is ten removed to produce cacao nibs. These are then ground into the cocoa mass. This is the raw, unadulterated chocolate.

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Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

Chocolate is made by roasting the dried beans of the cacao tree. The fruit of the cacao tree is the cacao pod. Each pod can contain up to 40 seeds or beans.

While the Olmec and Mayan people used cacao beans to make rather bitter drink. Nowadays, we are much more familiar with chocolate as a delicious candy bar or cake flavouring.

We know, from written records, that Mayans revered chocolate and used it in many of their religious ceremonies,

However, chocolate was not reserved to the elite of Mayan culture.

But, was readily available to any Mayan household. It was often combined with chili or honey.

To find out more about the Olmec and Mayan people read the history of Chocolate.

Black Magic Cake

Beyond providing the recipe for this indulgent Black Magic Cake, the author makes some veiled suggestions about occult parties. Spooky, indeed.

Black Magic Cake

I don’t know about the supernatural but, this cake looks out of this world.

Moist Homemade Sweetness

A delicious, fudgy, moist chocolate cake that can be easily made from ingredients already in your pantry. There is nothing quite so satisfying as a homemade, or a Kara puts it “made from scratch”, two-layer chocolate cake.

Moist Homemade Sweetness

I agree with Kara on one thing. There is nothing quite so annoying as starting a recipe only to realise you are missing some vital ingredients.

However, you should not need to dash to the store for any last-minute ingredients for this indulgent baby.

The Best Chocolate Cake

Can you imagine this stunning cake as the centrepiece for your dining table when you hold your next dinner party?

The fudgy frosting is what makes this chocolate cake stand out in my eyes.

The Best Chocolate Cake

I don’t think Dedra is exaggerating when she describes this creation as the Best Chocolate Cake.

Easy Chocolate Cake

In my opinion, the only easy chocolate cake is the one I am eating at the time.

Easy Chocolate Cake

Kristyn likes her easy chocolate cake served with ice-cream. I have a preference for whipped double-cream.

Chocolate Bundt Cake

Courtney still remembers the nerves of tipping this chocolate bundt cake out of the baking pan for the very first time.

Chocolate Bundt Cake

But, the satisfaction of creating such a wonderful chocolate cake must be worth a few nervous moments.

Best German Indulgence Cake

I am beginning to run out of superlatives when it comes to describing these visions of baking creation, The work these gifted bakers put into these beautiful pieces of cake art defies description.

Best German Indulgence Cake Ever

And, Catherine doesn’t skimp on the decoration of this gorgeous German chocolate cake.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

I know you have been waiting for this moment. The gluten free chocolate cake. Yes, even when we indulge in chocolate fantasy we should be mindful of the digestive hazards of gluten.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Kara delivers a sumptuous gluten free chocolate cake with this flourless recipe.

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Best Chocolate Cake Recipes for the sweet-tooth