We are particularly keen to discover the best Restaurants in Alicante. Yes, we love Spanish food. And, yes, we are anxious to absorb eberything we can of the Spanish culture.

However, the overriding factor, from our perspective, is the desire, one day, to retire to Alicante.

Of all the amazing towns and cities in Spain, why have we picked out Alicante as being especially desirable?

We have never been to Alicante. Although we have flown in to Alicante airport on our way to Benidorm. But, that is a different story, one that we have no desire to elaborate on here.

What is the attraction of Alicante? From many hours watching home relocation programmes on TV. Alicante appears to have very competitive property prices.

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Best Restaurants in Alicante

Strangely, Alicante is not renowned as a tourist destination. It is very close to El Altet airport and has some of the best beaches on the Costa Blanca. Many holidaymakers use Alicante airport to reach other better-known resorts, like Benidorm.

Alicante Foodie Guide

As a seasoned traveller, I know to watch where the locals go to eat. Some of the best restaurants are not in the most prominent positions.

Alicante Restaurants for Travellers

Just a few of the best places to satisy your gourmet needs.

  • La Taberna del Gourmet
  • Monastrell
  • Bernardino
  • La Ereta
  • Dársena
  • Nou Manolin/Piripi
  • Nou Salat
  • Corte Inglés

Alicante Restaurants 2020

The restaurants in Alicante will cater to traditional Spanish Tapas or your favourite fiery curry.

The cuisines of many countries are represented in the many popular restaurants in Alicante.

Moreover, Alicante is a smorgasbord of history. If you tend to the arts, you will find galleries. If you prefer history, there are fascinatings museums.

However, this blog is about fine dining. Alicante has many excellent retaurants to choose from.

Where to eat in Alicante Spain

My problem with any Spanish holiday is that they are never long enough to try every good eating house.

Where to eat for superb Spanish Food

Riss was lucky enough to live in Alicante for 8 months. She is a lover of unique food. And was able to explore many of the wonderful restaurants in Alicante.

I am very jealous of her. Because I also love food and aspire to live in Spain.

However, one day I will be able to follow in her footsteps.

But, in the meantime, I will content myself with reading her wonderful reviews.

Where to eat in Alicante by type

We shall endeavour to find something of interest that does not involve eating, although I have no idea in who might be interested.

Where to eat Vegan

A tourist attraction that may escape the attention of many, is the island of Tabarca. In fact, it is actually a very small archipelago. Isla de Tabarca is the main island which is surrounded by the lesser islands of La Cantera, La Galera and La Nao.

Boat trips to the island can be made from Santa Pola, Benidorm and Alicante. There is also a special catamaran trip for real excitement.

Where to eat Vegan in Alicante

The island of Tabarca has an interesting museum and several very good cafés for you to have a quiet lunch.

Places you must eat in

Sitting atop M­ount Benacantil is the imposing Castle of Santa Bárbara. At a height of 166m stands one of Spain’s largest mediaeval fortresses. You get a great view of Alicante Bay from the upper level of the castle.

The three distinct levels of the castle have been built at different times in the castle history.

Places to eat in Alicante

The oldest parts of the Castle of Santa Barbara date back to the 14th century.

However, If you are a history buff, you will love this stunning relic of Spanish history.

Restaurants by Type

Riss has chosen to group her restaurant recommendation by type. This should make it eaier for you to find your favourite eating style.

But, her choices are still based on the excellence of the cuisine on offer.

Scooby Snack in Alicante

I was particularly pleased to see her inclusion of Argentinian food. A style of food we don’t see too often. Unless you are from Argentina.

Spanish Food in Benidorm

If you have visited Benidorm you will have seen many traditional British cafés

But, there is some very good Spanish food, if you know where to look, or who to ask.

However, my experience suggests that the best restaurants for Spanish food are at the southern end of the town.

And, we also found a few great little places in the old town.

Spanish Food in Benidorm

Of course, Benidorm isn’t Alicante, but, they are only a few miles apart.

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