Before we get to the best restaurants in Berlin. The name Berlin appears for the first time in recorded history in 1244, seven years after that of its sister town, Kölln, with which it later merged. Both were founded near the beginning of the 13th century. In 1987 both East and West Berlin celebrated the city’s 750th anniversary. Whatever the date of foundation, it is certain that the two towns were established for geographic and mercantile reasons, as they commanded a natural east-west trade route over the Spree River.

The way for their founding was opened by a Germanic resurgence in the area, which had been abandoned to the Slavs by the original Germanic tribes as they had migrated westward. The Slavs were subdued by Albert I the Bear, a Saxon who crossed the Elbe River from the west. His successors took the title margrave of the mark (border territory) of Brandenburg. Berlin still retains as its symbol a defiant black bear standing on its hind legs.

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Best Restaurants in Berlin

The settlements of Spandau and Köpenick, now metropolitan districts, preceded the establishment of Berlin-Kölln; fortified settlements at both sites date to the 8th century. The Ascanians, followers of Albert I the Bear, established their fortress in 1160 at Spandau in the north where the Spree flows into the Havel River; by 1232 the fortress had earned the privileges of a town.

Best Restaurants in Berlin

This city is filled with great options to drink and eat Berlin, but the trick is to avoid the tourist traps that comes along when you choose to go to one of the most visited capitals in Europe. This post will give you a list of places you must go when you want to eat and drink in Berlin in style without ruining your budget.

Places to eat

And, we know that we have a tendency of adding too many places around Neukölln and Kreuzberg. We know that and we are going to continue with that. If you’re a bit lost with those names, I suggest you to have a look on this post explaining the areas in Berlin.

Ultimate Food and Drink Guide

Ahhhh, Berlin. I could write so much about how much I love this city (and I probably will in another post), but for today I want to focus on the food and drink, because we boy oh boy did we enjoy some great stuff on our recent trip. Thanks to some ace recommendations from you guys and a bit of Instagram research, we managed to scope out some super yummy grub, coffee to die for and enough beer to cause some serious hangovers.

Ultimate Food and Drink Guide

We didn’t have a single bad meal the whole time we were there so I thought it was only fair of me to share the love and create the ultimate Berlin food and drink guide. I’ve split it into three sections for ease – food, coffee and booze.

Cool Places to Eat

When travelling, I’m always a big advocate for sampling regional food and drink. Most of the time, the terms local and national cuisine are synonymous, however, in Berlin, this is very much not the case. Traditional German food — such as giant slabs of meat, sauerkraut and bratwurst — is certainly available in Berlin, however, many locals prefer to indulge in the plethora of international options which are often cheaper and healthier than German food.

Cool Places to Eat in Berlin

With that in mind, here are some of my favourite cool places to eat in Berlin for every meal of the day, none of which include what you would typically consider to be traditional German food!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

Vegan Berlin? Yes, that’s a pretty accurate description of the city. There are so many options it’s hard to know what the best vegan restaurants in Berlin are. Well…I’m here to help!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Town

Berlin is a city known for its wild nightlife, spectacular vegan food, and “anything goes” attitude. It’s a city where one’s inhibitions can take a back seat to fulfilling hidden fantasies and desires.

Celiac-Safe Gluten-Free in Berlin

When I first started thinking about how I was going to eat gluten free in Berlin, I was a little concerned. German food is not known for being particularly celiac friendly. After my gluten free Berlin adventure, I realized that most big cities will have a variety of gluten free options – it’s just a matter of finding them. And sometimes, like in Berlin, it takes a lot of time and effort to find those diamonds in the rough that know how to safely serve Celiacs like you and me.

Celiac Safe Gluten Free Trip Berlin

I’m here to help you do just that. You will be able to find plenty of Celiac-friendly gluten free options. You just have to know where to look.

While a lot of people in Berlin speak English, I HIGHLY recommend traveling with a Gluten Free Restaurant Card in German to make gluten free travel easier.

Unique Things to do

Berlin is on nearly everyone’s list when traveling to Germany. And given the city’s history, art, and feel-good, hip vibe, it’s easy to see why. While places like East Side Gallery, Brandenburg Gate, and Check-Point Charlie draw the biggest crowds, there are also tons of fantastic things to do in Berlin off the beaten path.

Unigue Things to do in Berlin

Of course, a trip to the capital isn’t complete without exploring some iconic landmarks. But after a long day of visiting touristy attractions and restaurants, you’ll want to check out these unique places in Berlin.

Budget Vegan in Berlin

There are tons of vegan restaurants in Berlin, but it can be hard to find any that are good and affordable. So before you go, check out our budget vegan guide to Berlin.

Berlin Budget Vegan

Back when we first visited Berlin, there weren’t that many places to eat great cheap vegan food. Since then, we have been back to Berlin about twice a year, and the vegan Berlin scene has gone totally insane, in a good way.

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