Before we delve into the best restaurants in Cagliari we like to begin with a brief story.

For the history buff, the Nuraghi of Sardinia are ancient megalithic edifices. These are ancient dwelling places of early prehistoric Sardinian peoples. These ruins can be found all around Sardinia. A more detailed account is provided by Wikipedia.

Why have we provided this information? Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia so, it is prudent to give some of the backstories.

What is Porceddu?

Essentially, porceddu is roast suckling piglet. This traditional Sardinian dish is piglet stuffed with meat and various herbs and spices. This is roasted over juniper or myrtle wood. The end result is a soft, moist, tangy pork roast.

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Best Stop for Coffee in Cagliari

The Italian people love their coffee. From the early morning pick-me-up to the after-dinner drink, or simply chatting with friends, coffee is the drink of choice.

Italians will drink moka, cappuccino or marocchino coffee. They are also very partial to an espresso.

Coffee in Cagliari

Cagliari is typically Italian in loving coffee. If you visit Cagliari, you will have no trouble in finding your perfect coffee stop.

Cagliari Travel Guide

Cagliari in the local language is Casteddu or castle. The oldest part of Cagliari was the castle. This was a big castle with big gates which opened daily ensuring that only residents entered the city.

Cagliari Travel Guide

Cagliari has a long history and has been ruled by several civilisations. Each group of people have left their mark in architecture and everywhere you will find evidence of the early human inhabitants.

Where to stop for coffee in the best restaurants in Cagliari

Claudia loves her coffee, which is no surprise. A native of Sardinia, she was weaned in some of the best Italian coffee.

She is sharing some of her favourite coffee stops in Cagliari. All of her favourite  cafés in Cagliari are where the locals hangout.

Where to stop for coffee

If you enjoy pastries and chocolate with your coffee, you will love Claudia’s selection. Drink your fill of the wonderful Italian coffee at the best restaurants in Cagliari.

10 Best Things to Discover

I was delighted to note that of the many things to see and do In Cagliari, the VoyageTips website focuses on architecture and history.

We have allotted enough of this blog real estate to eating and drinking. It time to include a little culture.

10 Best Things to Discover

Il Castello, the oldest of 4 historic districts of Cagliari. As this district is atop a hill, it affords a spectacular view across Cagliari and the sea.

Where to find the best Pizza

Be prepared to talk pizza, because Claudia talks of little else in her article. She is verging on the verbose as she extols her love of Cagliari pizza.

Where to find the best pizza in Cagliari

Clauia’s favouite pizzerias include

  • Framento
  • Grains
  • Lollove
  • La Scolla
  • Levante
  • La Pizzetta d’Oro
  • Civico 8
  • Gallo d’Oro
  • Zona Tre
  • Forno Dinamico
  • Impasto
  • Il Pepe Rosa
  • L’Oca Bianca

A Guide to Sardinia

Jason is lucky enough to have lived on Sardinia for over 2 years. He has spent a lot of time exploring the island and can now bring you his Sardinia Guide.

A Guide to Sardinia

Sommer is the best time to visit Sardinia although this is a beautiful island at any time of the year. There is plenty to see and to do on Sardinia.

The island is fully geared up to welcome tourist throughout the summer months. July and August are the hottest month for the sun seeker.

Best Things to do in Sardinia

We take a quick look at the towns of Bosa and Cagliari before heading off to the most amazing beaches in Europe.

The blog is run by the solar-powered blonde and she takes us around her main highlights for a 1-week itinerary.

Best Things to do in Sardinia

The island is fully geared up to welcome tourist throughout the summer months. July and August are the hottest months for the sun seeker.

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