I have longed to visit Cordoba with its splendid mosque and thriving food scene. As a food blogger, I was keen to find the best restaurants in Cordoba. So, imagine my annoyance, when my son and his girlfriend beat me to the finish line.

You will find Cordoba in the interior of Andalusia. The past and the present fuse in this one thousand-year-old city. Cordoba enjoys World-Heritage status and represents the culture of the many different peoples who have called Cordoba home over the last millennium.

However, the most-noted landmark of Cordoba is the Great-Mosque-Cathedral in the centre of the old quarter.

Furthermore, Cordoba is considered to be the city of knowledge. You can see the intellectualism in the architecture of every building of old Cordoba.

Best Restaurants in Cordoba

In the past, during the reign of Abderraman III, Cordoba had 1,00 mosques and 800 Arab bathhouses. The city had an advanced street-lighting system that rivalled the great cities of Constantinople and Baghdad.

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Food Guide to Cordoba Spain.

Spain enjoys an excellent climate all year. This is one of the factors that make Spain and Cordoba such an attractive proposition for the senior members of society.

You will also find excellent cuisine based on a Mediterranean diet. Our “grey” citizens (myself included) place enormous importance on good, healthy food.

Cordoba Spain Food Guide

I love history. And you will find plenty of interesting history in Cordoba. But, we are foodies, it is the food scene in Cordoba that holds our interest.

While the range of specialist food in Cordoba cannot rival the superb food of Seville. Cordoba does have some excellent specialities.

Day Trips from Cordoba, Spain

Why would you want to think about day trips from Cordoba? There is so much to do in Cordoba that you will never have time to think about exploring further afield.

What to do in Cordoba

You will find a Moorish city that has been a Roman capital and evidence of Visigoth architecture in Cordoba.

Furthermore, you will discover that Cordoba lies on the great Guadalquivir river which flows to Seville.

Eating in Cordoba

As a foodie, I would be remiss of me, not to bring you details of the delicacies you can enjoy in Cordoba.

You might find Flamenquín, Salmorejo, Pastel Cordobés, Regañás, Rabo de Toro and Montilla Moriles on your menu at a restaurant in Cordoba.

If these titbits sound intriguing, visit the Piccavey site, below, where you will find full details.

Eating in Cordoba

From my perespective, the most important part of any dining experience, is the people. I like to think that I have made friends in many of the restaurants that I have visited.

Where to eat in Cordoba

We all owe a debt of gratitude to our fellow foodie travellers. Like Krissy and Josh who visit and document the best restaurants in Cordoba.

Krissy and Josh are impressed by the bounty of fresh Spanish seafood. And the seasonal produce, available in the Cordoba restaurants.

Eating Out in Andalucia

The food is the star attraction. But, the postcard looks and the friendly locals help to elevate Cordoba as a top tourist location.

The best thing to do in Cordoba

You cannot see Cordoba. If you don’t look at the history. Or absorb some of the local culture.

Picture the scene. Narrow lanes, crowded with colourful flowers. Scented florets dangling from the potted plants on wrought-iron balconies.

This could be any Spanish or French town. But, this is Cordoba. A vibrant town, filled with history and food.

Best Things to do in Cordoba Spain

This has got to be the best weekend trip, I have never made.

However, as soon as the Covid19 travel restrictions are lifted, we will be booking flights to Malaga.

And we will visit the best restaurants in Cordoba.

A Weekend Guide

Can you see all of Cordoba on a weekend visit? Probably not. But, this article quides you through the key locations you must visit.

After many political and religious changes, Cordoba has a fascinating history and architecture.

Weekend Guide to Cordoba

While Cordoba is a wonderful place to spend a weekend. A longer visit would be essential to appreciate everything this Spanish city has to offer.

12 Must-Try Foods

I am making myself sick. Tired of being cold and sick of the world travel restrictions that are currently in place.

However, I can dream of Cordoba. I can taste the fantastic food. And I can feel the warmth of the Spanish sun.

Essental Holiday Eating

However, I would advise you not to visit Cordoba in the summer. Summer temperatures of over 40° centigrade can be very uncomfortable.

For this reason, many shops and bars are closed in the afternoon. While they observe the Spanish tradition of siesta.

Finally, I would like to thank you for visiting my humble blog.

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