South America has long been on my bucket list. Where better to start exploring this fascinating continent than in the capital city of Peru. In the city of Lima. I believe the local Spanish language is quite easy to understand, if you have some fluency in the language. Exploring the best restaurants in lima may not be top of everyone’s list. But, it will be high on my bucket list.

Lomo Saltado is a famous stir-fried beef.

Just a short walk from the famous Kennedy Centre in the Miraflores district of Lima, you will find the Lima Tourist Information Center. This is where you would begin, to get the low-down on tours, activities and accommodation.

Although, I have always made sure of hotels or guest houses long before I arrive. My wild back-packing days are long behind me.

For the more adventurous traveller, Chachapoyas sounds incredible. Mooted to be Peru’s best-kept secret. The name Chachapoyas comes from the old Quechua language and translates  as “cloud forest”.

The chachapoyas are fabled to be fierce warriors and astounding architects. Much of this history can still be found on the slopes of the Andes.

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Best Restaurants in Lima

It is always fascinating to discover the food culture of a region. Especially, a region with such a rich culture as Lima. The best restaurants in Lima must reflect that long a varied food history.

Must try Vegan Restaurants in Lima

Oh my Guava! If you are Vegan or just a lover of good food, put Lima on your bucket list. Lima is a foodie heaven for the veg lover.

Must Try Vegan Restaurants in Lima

Courtney’s choices of notable Vegan pit-stops include:

  • Raw café
  • Veda Restaurante
  • El Jardin de Jazmin
  • Sabor y Vida
  • Seitan Urban Bistro
  • Mara Biomarket & Café

When you visit, be sure to let us know if they live up to our expectations.

The Best Restaurants in Lima

The culinary explosion in Lima was born out of a time of strife, after the civil war that the area experienced during the 1980s.

Where to eat in Lima

A lot of this boom is credited to the owners of the restaurant Astrid y Gáston. The restaurant started as a French restaurant, but the owners decided to change to Peruvian cuisine in the mid-1990s with great success. This restaurant has since become a culinary centre in the city, and, as you’ve probably guessed, one of the restaurants on that coveted list.

Amazing Restaurants in Lima

Travel to Peru may be a bit complicated at the moment given the global crossroads at which we find ourselves, however we’re fortunate enough to live in an age where we can immerse ourselves in cultures, concepts, art and even recipes that transport us to another land.

Amazing Restaurants in Lima

Strangely enough, travel, which would naturally seem to be the polar opposite of being on lockdown, can do the same in broadening our horizons providing us with new perspectives through which we can view our lives. This is the perfect moment then to shed some light on an ancient Andean way of viewing life that places balance and harmony with our environment at the centre of our experiences.

Your Guide to Lima Restaurants

Lima, according to recent rankings, is known as the best food city in South America. By some accounts, it may even be the best food city in the world!

Your Guide to the Best Restaurants in Lima

This is because three of Lima’s restaurants feature in The Worls’s 50 Best Restaurants. A feat that can only be matched by New York, London and Mexico City.

Lima Food Tour

Discover the best way to taste your way around Peru. One of the best ways of understanding the cultural importance of the cuisine in Peru, as well as sampling the tastes of the country is with a Lima food tour.

Lima Food Tour Taste Peru

Peru is a popular destination with amazing history and gastronomy. Taking a food tour has become the trend in many foodie destinations, from Paris to Barcelona, and most importantly, Lima food tours have also become increasingly popular.

Best Restaurants in Lima, Peru

In South America, you can experience some of the best food and restaurants in the world in Lima, Peru. Many tourists visit Peru to experience its rich history, as well as it’s delicious Peruvian dishes. From snacks served by street vendors to upscale restaurants, Lima has something for every taste and budget.

The Best Restaurants in Lima Peru

Upon arriving in Lima, there is no shortage of places to eat or people who’ll recommend their favorite spots. Although we all love the idea of eating great food all day long, time and money soon come into play. With so many great options for eateries, it can be difficult to decide which are the best spots to try. To help solve the all-important question of what to eat, we’ve put together a list of some of the best restaurants in Lima to help narrow your choices down.

The Best Restaurants you can visit in Peru

Lima has been named the gastronomic capital of Latin America. With such fame it should be no surprise that the list of the best restaurants in Lima is full of competition and delectable food.

Los mejores restaurantes en peru

Peruvians love good food, and they love a good price. They know their gastronomy, respect their traditions, and appreciate the use of local ingredients. They can also be picky when it comes to the flavor of their traditional dishes.

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