Welcome to another Foodie Travel blog post. Before we start to explore the best Restaurants in Milan, I would like to share a little of the Milan history.

Like many old European cities, Milan has a great deal of history. Milan in northern Italy was first settled by a group of people known as Insubres. These were a Celtic tribe who survived until being conquered by the Romans in 222 BC.

The Romans named the city Mediolanum. During the Middle Ages Mediolanum was the centre of a political struggle between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines.

The Visconto family prevailed in this political struggle and in 1935, Emperor Wenceslas made the city of Milan a duchy, thereby raising the dignity of the citizens.

In mid-15th-century, the Ambrosian Republic was established. The name came from the beloved patron saint of the city, St Ambrosia.

Milan becomes one of the leading cities of the Italian Renaissance after being conquered by Francesco Sforza.

Best Restaurants in Milan

However, that’s enough history for now. Italians love their food. We shall find out how, by exploring some the best restaurants in Milan.

Milan is a very large city with a population of some 1.3 million people. The city is best known for the Duomo Cathedral and proliferation of high-end fashion outlets.

I am not a huge, follower of fashion. So, shopping in Milan is not likely to be high on my to-do list.

But, I share the Italian passion for good food. Certainly, Florence has a much better foodie reputation.

However, that does not mean you won’t find excellent restaurants in Milan.

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Best Restaurants in Milan

These days, Milan is a very trendy city, with world-leading fashion and superb restaurants. Milan is a shopping Mecca so be sure that you’re credit card is very flexible.

You will find a few famous dishes in these \milan restaurants. You should try  risotto alla Milanese or  ossobuco.

Best Restaurants in Milan

The menu at Mama Rosa is heavily biased toward their seafood. But, the friendly staff will help you select the best seafood and pasta recipes.

The Best Restaurants in Milan

You cannot visit Milan and not be impressed by the stunning architecture or the incredibly expensive fashion.

Milan has many impressive churches, fascinating museums and endless rows of boutiques.

And, Milan has some worl-beating restaurants. But, they are very much of the genre, If you need to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

The Best Restaurants in Milan

You should check out these eating establishmnets that are very worthy of your attention:

  • Un Posto a Milano
  • Fonderie Milanesi
  • U Barba
  • Vanilla Bakery
  • Fabbrica
  • Trattoria Aurora
  • Ceresio 7

I think you will find some of the best Milanese cooking at any of the above restaurants.

Best of Milano

The Travel Girls love Milan. They have found that the best way to see Milan is on foot. This will allow you time and opportunity to peruse the many shops on the cobbled streets.

The Milan tram is also a great way to absorb the sights in a leisurely manner.

Best de Milano

Clicking the above image will take you to the Travel Girls blog. They have produced a lengthy detailed post with everything you need to know about Milan.

Best Breakfast in Milan

I often find myself looking forward to breakfast when we are travelling. Apart from the obvious need for some sustenance. When you go out for breakfast in Milan, you know you are on holiday.

Most Italians will have only a coffee and a pastry, early in the morning. Your average Italian believes anything more substantial will make them feel drowsy.

An Italian Pastry dusted with Sugar, served fot Breakfast in Milan

I would skip breakfast in the hotel. You are far better to take a walk to the local pasticceria (bakery) for a brioche filled with chocolate, pistachio cream, and jam!

Best Outdoor Dining in Milan

Milan is one of those cities that, despite being quite compact, doesn’t reveal it’s secrets easily. Some of the best outdoor dining can be found in Milan if you know where to look.

Some of the best bars and restaurants in Milan are rooftop bars and rooftop restaurants.

Outdoor Dining in Milan

A perfect example of a hidden gem is Ceresio 7. Located on the rooftop of an innocuous-looking office building. Ceresio 7 is a magical haven of plants, water and food.

There are 2 pools, a restaurant and a bar. This is a heavenly idyll.

6 Best Breakfast Places in Milan

I am a great believer in, following the locals. When you want to find the best places to eat or the best places to shop, watch the local people,

So, if you want to breakfast like an Italian, stand at the bar. Most Italians grab a quick coffee and a brioche standing at the bar. They are busy people with things to do. Breakfast is just a quick fuel stop to get them through to lunch.

Best Breakfast Places to start your day

Staying on the theme of people watching reminds me of a holiday in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca.

We had been strolling back to our apartment late one afternoon. People were just packing up tp leave the beach for the day.

I noticed many of them walking up the street towards our apartment abd then disappearing.

They had disappeared into a little café hidden from street view, down some obscure steps.

This ended up being one of our favourite spots for a coffee and a chicken sandwich.

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Best Restaurants in Milan for risotto