Before we begin exploring the best restaurants in Milwaukee, we should touch on the history of this Wisconsin city as detailed Wisconsin History Society.

Wisconsin’s largest city lies on Lake Michigan, where the Milwaukee, Menomonee and Kinnickinnic Rivers come together. People had lived there for more than 13,000 years before the first Europeans arrived. At that time Milwaukee was neutral ground shared by several American Indian tribes.

Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

Fr. Jacques Marquette left the first written record of it in 1674, and other French explorers referred to it in 1679, 1681 and 1698. The earliest mention of Europeans is a reference by Lt. James Gorrell to an unnamed fur trader at Milwaukee in 1762; at least four others traded there before 1800. In 1763, Milwaukee bands of Potawatomi, Ottawa, Ojibwe and Menominee joined Pontiac’s Rebellion against the British, and 15 years later they supported the colonies during the American Revolution.

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Cool & Different Restaurants

Dining in Milwaukee is always an adventure in itself, there are so many places to choose from! Are you looking for something cool and different to refresh your weekend dinner plans? From espionage to pasta flights, these spots are unlike anywhere you’ve been, and although some are a bit unusual, they’re all an experience to be had. You haven’t tasted Milwaukee until you’ve tried these eleven interesting and unique restaurants!

Cool and Different Brew Town

This new spot on Milwaukee’s east side is unlike anywhere you’ve ever been. With a hip atmosphere, dishes you’ve never heard of, and the best music choices in town, you’re sure to become a fan of Strange Town. They’re a plant-based restaurant, but carnivores and vegetarians alike are loving this new unique spot.

Food Lovers Guide to Milwaukee

From classic establishments with decades of history to trendy newcomers serving avant-garde cuisine, Milwaukee’s restaurant scene is thriving.

Food Lovers Guide

With ample types of food within a range of budget options, picking just twenty of the best restaurants in Milwaukee leaves off tons of great choices. According to restaurant reviews, there are over 1,700 restaurants in Milwaukee, so narrowing this list to just 20 was challenging to say the least.

Best Restaurants and Bars

The great prophet Alice Cooper was right: “Mil-e-wauk-ay” is indeed the Good Land. The city is home to some amazing watering holes, cutting-edge dining spots, comforting cheese-and-brat eateries, and more brewery tours than you can shake a cup full of dice at. 

Where the locals Dine in Milwaukee Wisconsin

It’s true that Milwaukee has more bars than grocery stores. These are our favorite places to eat, drink, and watch people make beer (while drinking it). Tell us yours in the comments section. Welcome to the Good Land.

Favourite Milwaukee Restaurants

Milwaukee is my second home town. When I got first moved to this city as a 17-year old college freshman I was so intimidated. All of the interstates confused me. All of the neighborhoods looked the same, and this whole paying to park your car thing was not something I was accustomed to in my little rural hometown.

Where to Eat in Wisconsin

Four years later, Milwaukee was officially my city. I knew my way around, could drive in rush hour traffic with the best of them, and had my favorite places in each neighborhood of the city. Today I’m talking about food and all of the places in Milwaukee that are going to make your taste buds scream with joy!

Must-Visit Restaurants in Milwaukee

Whether you’re looking for fine dining, old school comfort food, a sweet treat, or something in between, Milwaukee has excellent restaurants for any occasion or craving! We don’t think our amazing culinary scene gets enough attention; Milwaukee has fantastic chefs who serve up some of the best dishes in the country!

5 Best Milwaukee Restaurants

We’ve picked out a few stellar spots in the city that are sure to give you a mouthwateringly memorable meal. These fifteen restaurants are some of the best in Milwaukee and every single one belongs on your Foodie Bucket List.

Highest-rated Restaurants in Milwaukee

Brew City’s restaurant scene is blowing up. We have some of the most hip, fresh, friendly, and unique, mouthwatering restaurants in the Midwest — and maybe even the country! There are so many fantastic restaurants to choose from, but not every place can come out on top. Get ready for a whirlwind of flavors when you try these 10 highly-rated restaurants in Milwaukee.

Highest Rated Restaurants in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Odd Duck in Bay View is a tapas restaurant that has been voted one of the top restaurants in Milwaukee! This quaint American cuisine restaurant serves small plates with some big flavors. Using as many local ingredients as they can, their food is top-notch. Vegetarians can delight in the fact that half of the menu is veggie-friendly.

Restaurants for Out-of-town Visitors

So, we hear you have friends or family visiting Brew City. We’re sure you’ll take them to a festival or brewery or two, but where will you eat? Here are nine restaurants that are a mix of classic and unique spots to truly get a feel of all that Milwaukee dining has to offer, and will have them coming back soon for for another visit!

5 Best Budget Restaurants in Milwaukee

The Vanguard is an awesome spot in Bay View that serves up the best brats in the world. Besides unique sausages, they have killer poutine, and their bar is prepared to pair every meal with the perfect brew!

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