Paris is the most amazing city! France hs many beautiful cities but, the capital of France exceeds them all. There are hundreds if not thousands of eateries in the city. So, how do you find the BEST Restaurants in Paris?

I could write, and many have written, a book on the best restaurants in Paris.

However, this post does not have space for an entire book. So, you will need to be satisfied with my carefully chosen collection of related Pins.

Paris is a fascinating city and a very cosmopolitan city. I have visited Paris a few times and love it to pieces. Unfortunately, my previous visits have made as a tourist rather than as a Food Blogger.

Furthermore my earliest visits were made a very long time ago. My very first time in Paris was as a child. Not surprisingly, I have very sketchy memories of the occasion.

However, I distinctly remeber being in a Paris hospital! I had been camping with my parents and had gone down with a very bad case of food poisoning. Apparently mo mother didn’t think I would make it.

But, I am noe an old man, quite happily blogging about Paria and Parisian food. So, I did manage to pull through thanks to the excellent care by the French doctors and nurses.

A more recent visit was a much more leisurely affair. My wife and I were holidaying with my parents on their canal boat. We had motored up the Seine and moored in Paris. We ambled off to a quant Pariaian restaurant my father knew about and had an amazing lunch.

Best Restaurants in Paris

The criteria for selecting restaurants is very subjective. So, while I have visited many Parisian restaurants over the years. It is almost impossible to say with any precision, which were the best restaurants in Paris.

I would love to return to Paris with my Food Blogger hat on. And spend a few days hunting out the best restaurants in Paris.

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Paris Food Guide best restaurants in Paris

The authors of this next post, clearly love Paris and all the amazing Parisian food you will find.

They start by suggesting a trip to the Rue Cler market, where you will find a wealth of fantastic fresh ingredients for your culinary adventure.

Furthermore, if you are inclined to learn French cooking, they provide details of a very popular cookery course.

Paris Food Guide

Finally, they reach the important topic, the food. Dishes like Croque Monsieur, Quiche Lorraine and Boeuf Bourguignon are familiar and so much better when eaten in Paris.

Breakfast in Paris

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

However, Parisiennes prefer a light breakfast of a pastry with coffee.

The author helpfully explains the difference between a pâtisserie and a boulangerie. I think I knew the difference but, the reminder was useful.

Breakfast in Paris

The pace of French life is, or seems to be, much slower than we frenetic Brits are accustomed to. This make the morning pit stop very relaxing. I love it.

Disneyland Paris

I must confess, at the outset, that I have never been to Disneyland, either this one in Paris or the main park in Florida.

Furthermore, I have never had the inclination to visit eith Disney theme park. Probably because I am an old curmudgeon and no longer have any kids.

Disneyland Restaurants

Disneyland Paris combines both the Disney Park and Walt Disney Studios. Each has a range of restaurants to cater for you and your kids.

Rooms with a view

Everybody who visits Paris, goes to absorb the enchanting views. What better way to appreciate these views than when seated at a luxurious table sipping a glass of the local wine and perusing the exquisite menu for lunch.

Restaurants with a View

Imagine relaxing with a view of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe or even the Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris a beautiful city and such a romantic setting.

Msny years ago, my wife and I honeymooned in this city of love. It was a breathtaking experience that I would recommend to any nelywed couple.

Forget Las Vegas. Why go to the States when we have such a wonderful city on our doorstep.

Best Budget Eating

Paris is a terrific destination for the less affluent. The local French people are not hugely wealthy, so there are many easily affordable cafës and bars to eat authentic French food.

Best Cheap Restaurants

We are reminded that Parisian live to eat and drink. Affordable cafës are plentiful.

However, if you want budget retaurants with good quality food, ask a local.

Which is precisely what the author of this post did to assemble their list of the best cheap restaurants in Paris.

Glamorous Parisian Restaurants

There is a constant air of romance and being special about Paris. I find that even a lowly cafë has an air of glamour, despite the apparent shabbiness of the surroundings.

Glamorous Parisian Restaurants

However, truly glamorous restaurants are in the upper price bracket. These restaurants are expensive and you will need to make a reservation well in advance.

“French waiter are rude” is a fact you will discover but, the food is exceptional.

Cute Cafés best restaurants in Paris

Every town in every land will have cafës. We have all visited our local cafë. It is only Paris that will have cute cafës.

There is just something so uniquely French about Parisian cafës That qualifiesthem to be cute cafës.

10 Cute Cafes

As you walk around Paris you will see groups of old men sitting in the cafës playing a game of cards. They seem to have nothing else to do and nowhere else to go. It is just s symptom of the slow pace of life in France.

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