When one thinks of Italy You will almost always think of Rome first. After all, we all know about the Romans and I’m sure many of us equate Romans with Italy. But, of course, Romans are from Rome. Before we get to exploring the best restaurants in Rome, we should take a quick look at the history of Italy and Rome.

Italy was, at the time of the Renaissance, governed by a number of powerful city states. Some of these cities were the largest and richest cities in Europe. These important city states included Florence, Milan, Venice, Naples and Rome.

In 1861, under the rule of King Victor Immanuel II, Italy was declared a United Nation. The entire boot of Italy was united under one crown. Italy had become the country we know today.

Best Restaurants in Rome

All this history is fascinating, very interesting and so educational. But, it does give you an appetite. Which is why Rome has some of the best restaurants you will find anywhere in Europe.

Of course, cities like Paris, Madrid and Berlin will disagree vociferously. With good cause, there are exceptional restaurants in every major city in Europe.

You will also find some rockin’ good restaurants in the smaller towns in Italy, Spain and France. If you are a foodie traveller, you will develop a nose for good food, and a habit of local watching to unearth the real dining jewels, wherever you are.

We spent a weekend in Rome, quite recently. I think we must have been in the Indian quarter, we were well and truly outnumbered by our Asian friends. This is an observation, not a criticism. The people we met were, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable.

This was a city break organised by Jet2. This is not the place to sing their praises. Suffice to say, wherever possible, we will be using Jet2 for every future expedition.

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Best Pasta in Rome

The food in Rome is just as good as the food in Florence. The best pasta in Rome can be found in quiet, backstreet trattorias, where you can rub shoulders with he local Romans.

You will find the typical Roman dishes like spaghetti alla carbonara, cacio e pepe, spaghetti alla gricia and potato gnocchi

Best Pasta in Rome

Certain Italian cities have a specialist pasta dish they lay claim to. It is normal for other cities to respect this clain and not try to reproduce the dish.

Rome is known for pasta carbonara, where the dish originated and is considered a Roman pasta by all other regions.

Best Restaurants to eat at in Rome

Karen is a part-time food and wine taster, who bring you her guide to the best restaurants in Rome. She has done the hard work for you in finding the best place to eat in Rome.

Karen doesn’t want you to waste your time and money in one of the overpriced tourist traps who serve below standard food at inflated prices.

Best Restaurants to Eat in Rome

If you want to have dinner at Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina, and I strongly suggest you should, make a reservation. I is almost impossible to get a table without a reservatopn, especially at busy times.

How to Eat like a local in Rome

When you visit Rome, do it with a plan. You will love the Roman food and the best way to sample the food Rome has to offer is on a guided food tour. If you want to avoid being taken to the cleaners it si important to “get the scoop” from a local.

How to Eat like a Roman

I often think it is a good idea to take a food tour when visiting a new city. But, you must be sure to get a local guide who knows the best places to eat.

You want someone who can give you genuine insider tips on how to eat like a local.

However, sometimes it is best to follow the locals and aee where and what they actually eat. Especially in Italy. You will discover a country of real food lovers and you can learn from their experience,

Mangiare Bene e Tipico Roma

You need to speak Italian to understand the title, and I don’t. However, I do speak Spanish so I do have a fair idea what it means. Eat well and typically, Roman. You don’t need to go to the most expensive restaurants to find the best food. Often, you will find the true down-to-earth honest food in the less expensive eateries.

You will also find that the best dining experience has more to do with a happy, welcoming waiter, than absolutely impeccable food. Good food combined with good service is the recipe for a very happy diner.

Mangiare Bene e Tipico Roma

One case in point, and in Rome was alittle pizzeria we visited late one afternoon after a very hectic day of sight-seeing. The food was good without being exceptional, the beer was cold but, most importantly, the staff were friendly, attentive and amusing.

Foodie Guide to Rome

You have just arrived in Rome and you have heard how great the food is. But, where di you start? There is no shortage of restaurants.

Annalisa is a young lady who lives in and grew up in Rome. So her guide to Rome for foodies ought to be well qualified.

Foodie Guide to Rome

Annalisa will show you the best dishes in Rome, an a few you yet to discover. She will quide you to the best restaurants and introduce you to the locals.

She will give you the opportunity to feast, learn how to eat traditional Italian meals and quide you around the contemporary tends.

The Best Pasta, Pizza & Gelato in Rome

There is no shortage of restaurant guides to Rome. So when you are looking for the best pasta, pizza & gelato you really want to take the advice of someone who is well informed.

Best Pasta Pizza and Gelato

This breakdown of recommended restaurants is detailed with good, honest accounts of the featured establishments,

Best Rooftop Restaurants in Rome

Ashleigh rates the Roof Garden Restaurant of the Hotel Forum as one of her favourite foodie spots. They serve amazing food and the viwes from the restaurant are to die for.

Best Rooftop Restaurants in Rome

The lunch buffet of the Rooftop Restaurant is open from 12-3 in the afternoons. For 25 or 30€ you get a delicious lunch and a fantastic restful experience.

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