Before we delve into the best restaurants in Seville, I would like to share a little of the fascinating Seville history.

Travel to Seville couldn’t be easier. With links to the main European cities by air, road, train or sea., the choice is boundless.

The Romans governed Spain for six centuries. You can still visit Italica, the site, near Seville, of the first Roman colony.

The Romans built aqueducts and long straight roads linking major towns. You can find many of the artefacts from this period in the Archaeological Museum.

But, it was the Muslim civilisation that had the greatest impact on Seville. They occupied Seville  for more than 500 years. From 711 A.D. to 1248 A.D. until King Fernando conquered the city.

You can see a statue of King Fernando in Plaza nueva.

Some of the city’s most magnificent buildings stand as a legacy to this era, including the Torre del Oro, Torre de Plata, Giralda, Patio de los Naranjos, and the area of Triana.

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Best Restaurants in Seville

The Guadalquivir is the river that runs through Seville. It is the fifth-longest river on the Iberian peninsula and the second-longest river to be wholly contained in Spain.

However, it is on the banks of the Guadalquivir that you will find the restaurants and many leisure areas. The river brings a special joy to the terraces and nearby streets.

By night, the river brings new energy to the city. The lights illuminate the bars and nightclubs along the riverbank and in the neighbouring district of Arenal.

The best Food and Tapas in Seville

Alex, the travelling mermaid, brings us her selection of the restaurants in Seville. Here you will find the best food and Tapas in Seville.

Best Food and Tapas in Seville

The Seville you see today is the result of the brilliant architect Aníbal González.

You will find buildings designed by this great artist, throughout the city of Seville. From stately houses to communal housing, Anibal González has left his mark.

The Plaza de España is, probably, the most spectacular space of regional architecture. It was, of course, designed by Aníbal González.

The best Tapas in Seville, Spain

Ash is another lady traveller and blogger who believes she knows the best Tapas in Seville.

Best Tapas in Seville

For those of us, who choose to fly to Seville. Your flight will land at the San Paulo airport. This is a first-class airport that was expanded in 1992.

The main arrival hall with arches supported by vaults is a tribute to the culture of Seville and Andalucia.

Eat your way through Seville

Rebecca wants you to eat your wat through Seville.

While that may be a very appealing directive. It is probably impractical for most of us.

  • La Brunilda
  • Bartolomea
  • Bodeguita Romero
  • Bodega Santa Cruz
  • El Rinconcillo
  • Bar El Comercio
  • La Azotea

However, Rebecca provides with a list of her favourite eating spots with usefully anotated map with diections.

Eat your way through Seville

Leading the way in pioneering rail travel, Seville was the destination for the inaugural high-speed rail journey in 1992.

You can reach the Santa Justa station in Seville on high-speed lines from Cordoba, Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona.

You could travel from London to Seville, along high-speed lines, in one continuous journey.

Where to eat in Seville

Anca & Sinan are visiting Seville as part of their road trip with a toddler. Jusdging by the photographs in thheir blog post, they are keen and very able photographers.

They have picked out El Rinconcillo as their favourite spot for Tapas with a slice of history. El Rinconcillo is the oldest restaurant in all Seville. And they have translated the name for us, But, I’m not telling. You need to click through to their site to find out.

Where to eat in Seville

One of the most significant buildings in Seville is the General Archive of the Indies. This colossal archive was given World Heritage status by UNESCO.

Your Guide to Seville Spain

One of the most significant buildings in Seville is the General Archive of the Indies. This colossal archive was given World Heritage status by UNESCO.

However, “la Lonja de Sevilla” was built to prevent merchants from using the grandstands of the Cathedral. This construction was undertaken during the reign of Philip III.

5 Food Experiences not to miss in Seville

Firstly, Wanderlust Chloe is making her second visit to Seville. She intends to follow the recommendations made in the Lonely Planet book “From the Source”.

Top 5nLonely Planet suggestions:

  • Mercado De Lonja Del Barranco
  • Casa Ricardo
  • El Rinconcillo Bar
  • La Chala
  • Devour Seville Food Tour

However, a famous food market, he oldest restaurant in Seville and a guided food tour should keep most of us busy for a weekend.

5 Food Experiences in Seville

Chloe had the honour of helping Ricardo, of Casa Ricardo, create a chickpea and spinach dish. When she returned home this delicious recipe had lost none of its allure.

Complete 2 Day Itinerary to Seville

If you only have two days in Seville, how do you decide what you MUST see? Do you explore the delightful Moorish or Gothic architecture? Or take in some Tapas or Flamenco dancing?

Brianna makes a few suggestions for how you can squeeze the most out of your limited time.

Complete 2 Day Itinerary in Seville Spain

Finally, the Plaza de España has amazed visitors since 1929. The masterpiece of the famous architect Aníbal González is the setting for a Seville hug.

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