Before we begin exploring the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, we should look at the history, courtesy of World Travel Guide, of the city.

In the early 1900s, the land upon which much of Tel Aviv stands was mainly sand dune and uncultivate scrub. In the decades before the founding of the city, migrating Jews had taken up residence with a native Jewish community in the ancient port town of Jaffa.

By 1881, the Yemenite Jews moved beyond Jaffa’s walls to establish the basis of today’s picturesque Yemenite quarter. They were joined by pioneering East Eurepean Jews in 1887 who built the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood.

The settlement flourished in earnest in 1909 when another group of Jewish families quit Jaffa. Ardent socialists, they shared the cost of purchasing 12 acres of dunes. As historic photographs show, they stood in the sand (on site of present-day Rothschild Boulevard) and drew lots to determine who would build where. Construction of the new town began at once.

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Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Palestine came under British control in 1918 and as Jewish immigration increased, tension between Jews and Arabs led to riots. Jews left Jaffa for nearby Tel Aviv during 1920s. In the 1930s, the new city absorbed a huge wave of immigration from Western Europe. With the population leaping to 160,000.

Top Ten Restaurants in Tel Aviv

One of the best things about Tel Aviv is its gastronomy. There loads of amazing restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world. From tiny “hummusiot” (hummus shops) in the middle of the market. To the fanciest chef restaurants, keep reading to find out where to go for the best bites in the city.

Best Tel Aviv Restaurants

We asked members of our community which are their favorite restaurants in Tel Aviv and got over 1K votes! So be sure that all the restaurants listed below are certified by Secret Tel Aviv. This restaurants include many value-for-money restaurants, if you are looking for Tel Aviv’s higher-end restaurants, read our guide for the Best Upscale Restaurants in Tel Aviv!

7 Best Food Experiences

I was in Israel to explore the culture and innovation of the country with VIBE Israel . And of course, that’s nowhere more prevalent than in the food they eat. I found that just like in London. InTel Aviv provenance, veganism, health and rawness were at the core of the obvious foodie fashion. People were prepared to pay more for an experience in Tel Aviv. Rather than just sustenance, and they wanted the whole shebang, presentation and all, to upload to their Instagram account.

7 Best Food Experiences

Any trip to Israel will be structured around food, with so many delicious and healthy options it has to be. I tried a lot of food in Tel Aviv, too much for the waistband on my jeans to handle in fact, but I have no regrets.

10 Best Restaurants

Indagare’s favorite hot spot restaurants change all the time, but there are some staples in each of the destinations we love that never go out of style. Here is our current short list for the best restaurants in Tel Aviv.

10 Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Tzfon Abraxas, a hip, vegetable-centric restaurant helmed by famed local chef Eyal Shani that is great for a long lunch (and has a fantastic playlist of Israeli and 1980s music).

Where the Locals Eat

While farm-to-table has become a trend in cities around the globe, in Israel it is a way of life. And in Tel Aviv, chefs can source plucked-from-the-earth produce from nearby farms and the city’s amazing markets. It’s these fresh ingredients combined with exotic herbs and spices that chefs get to work with in their kitchens and bring proudly to the plate.

Ask around and you’ll likely hear of a new restaurant in the works or one opening this very week. In Tel Aviv, the dining options are endless, whether you’re after the best hummus or a perfectly cooked Mediterranean seafood dish.

Where the Locals Eat in Tel Aviv

Tel Avivians love to go out to eat—and drink, and eat some more. It’s a kind of national pastime that starts early in the morning with a strong coffee and a buttery croissant, and can last way into the wee hours after a night of dancing. We checked in with nine stylish locals to see what restaurants keep them coming back time after time.

Restaurant Guide

Tel Aviv restaurants offer a little bit of everything, so this Tel Aviv restaurant guide is all about the day’s meals. Read all about where to eat in Tel Aviv and my favorite Tel Aviv eateries. Well, the best restaurants in Tel Aviv!

Do you want to read more about my Tel Aviv experiences? Then check out my Tel Aviv Travel Story, Tel Aviv Travel Guide and my Tel Aviv Hotel Review with the best boutique hotels in town.

Tel Aviv Restaurant Guide

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Tel Aviv restaurants are well aware of it! Pick a style where to eat in Tel Aviv and enjoy the morning energy boost.

Where to Eat in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv restaurants offer a little bit of everything, so this Tel Aviv restaurant guide is all about the day’s meals. Read all about where to eat in Tel Aviv and my favorite Tel Aviv eateries. Well, the best restaurants in Tel Aviv!

Where to Eat in Tel Aviv

Benedict is perhaps the most famous breakfast spot in town and one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. Super friendly and with that sweet American vibe, it gave us high standards for all Tel Aviv restaurants.

Best Bars and Restaurants

Die Mittelmeerstadt hat ihren Ruf als vibrante Metropole, die niemals schläft, nicht umsonst erhalten. Doch schlendert man durch die Straßen von Tel Aviv, gestaltet sich die Suche nach den legendärem Nachtleben teilweise schwieriger als gedacht.

Top Ten Bars and Restaurants

Der wahre Charme der Stadt ist auf erstem Blick nicht leicht zu erkennen. Für jeden, der die Partymetropole zum ersten Mal besucht, für den haben wir die „Tel Avivians“, wie sich die Bewohner Tel Avivs nennen, nach den besten Bars und Restaurants gefragt, höchst persönlich für euch getestet und hier eine einzigartige Auswahl aufgelistet.

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