I have been lucky enough to spend a couple of days in Venice. It was a whistle-stop visit and we didn’t have time to find the Best Restaurants in Venice.

We ere actually joining a cruise ship. We had flown into Marco Polo airport and a taxi brought us into Venice.

This was interesting, because I had just begun learning to speak Spanish. I had a few words of Italian but, insufficient to engage the taxi driver in conversation.

However, I soon discovered that I could communicate quite well in Spanish. Which is not thet surprising when you think of the history that Spain nnd Italy share.

At the time of the fall of the Roman Empire, The area that would become Venice was a group of small islands in a lagoon.

These tiny islands were home to itinerant fishermen and salt workers. These islands were effectively part of the Veneto-Byzantine civilisation.

The island population became part of the exarchate of Ravenna. When people fled the mainland in 584.

When the mainland city of Oderzo was taken over by the Lombards, political power was transferred to the islands of the Venetian lagoon.

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Best Restaurants in Venice

I made reference to Cicchetti in the post title. Cicchetti are the Venetian equivalent of the Spanish Tapas.

You will find Cicchetti being served in many cafés and bars in Venice. Often you will be served tiny sandwiches with plates of olives or other vegetables.

We have seen hard-boiled eggs, seafood and cold meats served on a slice of bread or polenta.

Best Restaurants in Venice, Italy

Not surprisingly, given the proximity to the sea, Venetian food is biased in favour of seafood. Squid-ink pasta is a favourite and if you can get past the jet-black colour, is quite tasty.

You may also encounter baccala mantecato, a creamed, dried cod paste served on bread or polenta.

Girl in fron of Venice Restaurant holding a coffee

The rule of family factions finally came to an end, with a system of governance introduced by Doge Domenico Flabanico (1032–42).

The term populus was, in practice, restricted tp the presidents of the Rialto and a select group of nobles.

6 Best Restaurants in Venice

The Roman Guy reports that Venice is an enchanting city, with many thighs to do and see. You can dip into any trattoria or osteria for a bite to eat. But, for authentic Venetian food, you need to wander a little past the regular tourist spots.

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In the early days of Venetian development, the greatest danger to the trade of Venice came during the Norman expansion. The actions under Robert Giiscardi threatened to cut communication to the south.

The best Venice Cicchetti Bars

A side of Venetian food that tourists rarely see. The local markets, Tapas and wine bars.

And the Cicchetti bars, that are ticked away down windy, narrow lanes. In the quiet spots that tourists seldom venture.

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The Fourth Crusade saw the capture of Constantinople. The captured territories enabled the Venetians to acquire a commercial empire in the eastern Mediterranean.

The acquire lands included many of the Aegean Islands including Crete and Euboea.

Top Dining Establishments in Venice

In this post, The Roman Guy looks more closely at the fabled Cicchetti bars of Venice, including:

  • Trattoria Al Gatto Nero
  • Ristorante Quadri
  • Paradiso Perduto
  • Osteria La Zucca
  • Ostaria Boccadora
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If we ever make it back to Venice, I will be taking Roman Guy’s advice and booking a food tour of Venice.

Where to Eat on the Canals

According to the author of the attached post, everybody should visit Venice, once in their life.

I would disagree, I think we should all visit Venice twice. Once to see the sights and do the touristy stuff. And once to see the real Venice. The one where you meet real Venice people and eat real Venetian food.

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Eating on a budget is going to be difficult in Venice. But, it is possible if you know the basics.

Always ask about the “Coperto” before ordering food. This is a standard service charge. It may be included or it could be an additional 2€ to 14€. Ask, don’t be surprised.

3 Days in Venice with the Kids

The fact that most restaurants in Venice serve pizza AND gelato is certain to be popular with kids. Added to this fact is that almost everywhere you go, you are going by boat. The kids will love the Venetian adventure.

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You don’t need to hire an expensive gondola to enjoy the canal. Take the “Vaporetto” or water bus, to see the sights at a realistic price.

Eating Through the Cicchetti Bars

If you want fresh ingredients for your homemade pizza, you must visit the fresh vegetable market in Venice.

The fish market is a must-see attraction. You will find stalls loaded with shrimp, fish and crustaceans that will amaze you.

\most of the fish is locally caught and many type cannot be found anywhere outside of the lagoon.

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The Cicchetti tapas and wine bars are unique to Venice. They are not easily visible because most of them can be found down a quiet shady lane which only the locals know about.

When you find these secretive eateries, you may enjoy a bite-sized sandwich with anchovy and gorgonzola or a little treat called Polpette. This is a lightly fried doughball filled with tuna or aubergine.

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