You can learn something new every day. Take the science of pizza dough, for example. If you want to make “Better than takeout Homemade Pizza recipes”, you need the basic science.

When you add yeast and sugar to your pizza dough and leave it to prove. The yeast in the dough eats the sugar, producing carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide creates gas bubbles in the dough causing it to rise.

Furthermore, the baking process evaporates the water molecules in the dough. This heat creates steam, producing more air pockets.

My problem with pizza, is the pizza take away. It is far too easy to pick up the phone to your local pizza delivery place and have a very tasty pizza on your lap withing half an hour.

It is never going to be a good as home-made pizza. But, show me a home-cook pizza-chef who can make a good pizza, from scratch, in less that 30 minutes.

I know that I can make a really good home-made pizza but, I cannot make it in less than an hour. And that’s not allowing time to clean up the mess I always make in the kitchen.

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Homemade Pizza Recipes

Many pizza chefs will tell you that the pizza dough is the critical element of a good pizza. The actual recipe used for the perfect pizza dough will depend on the type of pizza crust you want to make. A thin and crispy pizza base uses a different recipe to a deep-pan pizza base.

How to make Homemade Pizza Dough

Amy uses her pizza dough recipe for TV evenings with her kids. She also uses this recipe when she hosts her pizza parties for friends and family.

How to make Homemade Pizza

Flour is the “meat” of your pizza dough. Pizza chefs us a strong, high-gluten flour because gluten is the glue in your dough. It is the gluten that makes the pizza dough pliable and tough enough to hold the rise.

How to Make a Classic Margherita Pizza

The perfect Margherita Pizza Pie is made with tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil. The colours of the ingredients are supposed to represent the colours of the Italian flag.

However, there are many variations of the basic Margherita recipe. And you can use your own creativity with your knowledge of pizza science to produce your unique take on this delicious Italian dish.

I love pizza. Especially if it is accompanied by a cold beer in a Rome street café.

Classic Margherita Pizza

The original Pizza Margherita was invented in honour of Queen Margherita of Italy. This famous Italian dish was created in Naples.

30-Minute BBQ Chicken Pizza

Who doesn’t love barbeque chicken? I certainly do. And when the BBQ chicken is a pizza topping, it is even more scrmptious.

However, the pizza dough used in this recipe, calls for store-bought dough. I don’t know about you but, that doesn’t mean Homemade to me.

30-minute BBQ Chicken Pizza

Yeast is a living organism. Yeast is a single-celled plant from the fungi family. Essential to the leavening process. Yeast digests the sugars and starches in the flour mix. It is this fermentation process that gives your pizza dough the elasticity and flavour.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

If you like creamy, rich salad dressing, you will love this Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza.

Ranch salad dressing is typically a combination of buttermilk, mayonnaise and sour cream.

The style of cooking was created by a plumber in Alaska. He moved to California, bought a ranch and turned cowboy.

However, ranch cooking is not a favourite of weight-watchers. This buttermilk-rich salad dressing is very high in calories.

Chicken Bacpn Ranch Pizza

Fortunatly, I don’t struggle with weight gain. So, this creamy chicken and bacon pizza is very appealing.

No Yeast Pizza Dough

Beth employs a simple no-yeast recipe for her thin-crust pizza base. She finds that baking powder provides eough leavening.

No Yeast Pizza Dough

However, I much prefer a deep-crust pizza. So, I still use yeast in my own creations.

Easy Homemade Calzones

Our local food takeawy shop used to make the most amazing calzone pizza with donner kebab meat.

But, times change and not always for the better. The takeaway shop has closed, taking our favourite calzones with it.

Easy Homemade Calzones

Sonja and Alex have come up with a great calzone recipe, They stuff their calzone with veggies and cheese. Sounds lush!

So, this recipe is perfect to cuddle up with on the sofa.

Better than Delivery Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni is a spicy Italian cured sausage. NO!

Sure, the name sounds Italian and the word has its origins in the Italian language.

But, pepperoni is American. As American as applie pie.

However, salami is Italian, although I would rather have a Spanish chorizo.

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Better than takeout Homemade Pizza recipes