As the title implies Caribbean Chicken Recipes are a dream. A lot of Caribbean cooking, Jamaican cuisine in particular, uses jerk seasoning for the subtle, Caribbean flavour.

I have scuba dived in the Caribbean sea and snorkelled the most amazing reefs. I have fed banana to the colourful, Caribbean fish. Yes, banana! As my diving instructor told me “They ARE Caribbean fish”.

I have long been a big fan of water sports so, there was no way I could visit the Caribbean and not swim, snorkel and dive in the incredible Caribbean water.

Caribbean Chicken Recipes

There are some very classic dishes associated with the islands around the Caribbean Sea.

  • Barbados: Couscous and Flying Fish
  • Trinidad & Tobago: Crab & Callaloo
  • Bahamas: Conch Fritters
  • Antigua and Barbuda: Fungee and Pepperpot
  • Puerto Rico: Mofongo
  • Dominican Republic: La Bandera
  • St Lucia: Creole Bread
  • St Kitts & Nevis: Stewed Salt Fish with Dumplings, Spicy Plantains, and Breadfruit
  • Jamaica: Jerk Chicken
  • Montserrat: Goat Water

This list of iconic Caribbean Dishes came from the Coastal Living blog. And if you would like more informaton about the fascinating Caribbeam meals, I would urge you to pop over to their site to see what they have to say.

You will notice that we have strayed from the chicken theme with the above list. Can we help it if these Caribbean Islands don’t specialise in chicken cuisine.

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Cuban Mojo Chicken

A Cuban Mojo marinade is a zesty, garlic sauce to enhance your favourite piece of chicken. Made from orange juice, lime, mint and cumin powder. This Cuban marinade will deliver a chicken like you have never tasted before.

Cuban Mojo Chicken

When you use orange juice to make your marinade, the depth of flavour is amazing. This Cuban Mojo marinade is sweet and flavoursome and, surprisingly, doesn’t taste strongly of orange.

Additionally, when you use chicken, it can count as a Whole30 recipe.

Easy Jamaican Jerk Chicken

For a super tender roast chicken, try this really simple Caribbean style Jamaican jerk chicken. You will quickly become the hero of the kitchen with this delicious recipe for Jamaican jerk chicken.

Easy Jamaican Jerk Chicken

The word jerk refers to a unique style of Jamaican cooking that can be used for any type and cut of meat. The meat is marinated in a paste or rub containing allspice and Scotch Bonnet pepper.

However, you don’t need to get your Bob Marley recoeds out, unless you are really into reggae.

Caribbean Chicken with Honey Rum Glaze

You will be inspired with a dish inspired bt the Caribbean islands. Chicken with spicy Honey and Rum glaze is so typically Caribbean.

The chicken is marinated in spices and then grilled until tender. The chicken is finished by charring and then coated with the honey and rum glaze.

Caribbean Chicken with Honey and Rum Glaze

Your chicken will be juicy, sweet and melt-in-the-mouth tender. The marinade for this chicken is what makes it special. Citrus zest with an island spice mix and a little pepper heat. Delicious!

Furthermore, it reminds me of a very happy time in the Dominican Republic.

Cinnamon Coconut Milk Chicken

A French Caribbean recipe that will have you singing in the sun. Fresh herbs and Caribbean spices make this easy to prepare dish, perfect for an evening, summer meal with a fresh salad accompaniment.

Cinnamon Coconut Milk Chicken

A simple side-dish of steamed rice with a few steamed vegetables would be a perfect accompaniment to this subtle coconut milk chicken.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings

I am so jealous, the folks over at the Foodal blog were invited to a food conference in Jamaica. Not surprisingly, the topic of jerk seasoning arose and that brings us nicely to our next recipe of Jamaican jerk chicken wings.

You will love these chicken wings. Eat them as a snack or use them as part of the main meal. There are so many flavour options that you will never tire of them.

However, Jamaican jerk chicken wings can have a subtle or intense flavour. You are in charge of the seasoning in your would-be Caribbean kitchen.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings

Additionally, chicken wings are a snack you can eat at any time. The girl’s wine and chat night, a barbecue party or even a late night after-pub supper.

Caribbean Habanero Chicken Skewers

This Spanish language dish translates as Havana Chicken Skewers. A bright colourful dish as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. \these healthy chicken skewers are a delight to eat in the garden with your BBQ guests.

Caribbean Habanero Chicken Skewers

The zing of pineapple works really well with nicely charred chicken, hot off the barbecue. The orange slices add a delicate citrus flavour.

Jamaican Curry Chicken

Mommination make the point that Jamaican curry is not Insian curry or anybody else’s curry. It is Jamaican curry, made with Jamaican spices.

Jamaican Curry Chicken

Mommination and her husband are from the Caribbean island of Jamaica and are quite obviously fully qualified to make authentic Jamaican Chicken Curry.

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