We all like a sweet bite of something every now and again. Cupcakes are a dainty way to indulge our sweet tooth. And you will see that we have included fruit muffins in our cupcake selection. I have long claimed to be a non-cake eater. But, in recent years I have found my sweet nibblings becoming more and more frequent. So, slimming world cupcakes are a welcome addition to my store cupboard.

It’s very slightly off-topic. But, I was a given a large piece of a Chocolate and Guiness Cake today. This is a luxurious chocolate cake with Irish Cream butter icing. It is SO indulgane and I had to exerise enormous willpower to leave the remaining slice for tomorrow.

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Slimming World Cupcakes

So what makes the cupcakes slimming world cupcakes. I would tell you but, if i did, you would hve no reason to visit the following recipes to find the answer.

1 Syn Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins

These Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins are so easy to make. You won’t fail to be impressed by how great they are….and how slimming friendly they are!

1 Syn Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

These Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins are your slimming friendly saviour when you find yourself reaching for the cake tin or craving a sweet treat.

1 Syn Each Raffa cakes

If you love a Jaffa, then you have to try these slimming-friendly Raffa Cakes – a great treat if you’re following Weight Watchers or calorie counting!

1 Syn Jaffa slimming world cupcakes

If you’re looking for an afternoon treat and can’t keep away from the biscuit tin these moreish Raffa Cakes are just what you need!

Low Syn Red Velvet Slimming World Cupcakes

Red velvet is sooo in right now, so why on earth would we want to be left out of the scene? I adapted a typical slimming world cupcake recipe to make these delights. Enjoy a couple with friends, as a treat to yourself, or even bring these to a group tasting to delight the masses!

Low Syn Rev Velvet slimming world cupcakes

Making cakes with quark may sound odd. But, it clearly works in this case so, if it tastes good then it is a successful ingredient.

Low Syn Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake

I recently found myself becoming totally nostalgic for some of my childhood puddings, the ones that my grandma cooked better than anyone else! I was meandering down this happy train of thought when I remembered the pineapple upside down cake she used to make so well, which despite not liking pineapple one bit I used to wolf down in no time at all!

Low Syn Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake

It got me thinking whether there was any way I could make a similar kind of cake as a Slimming World friendly option. That was the start of this Low Syn Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake which, although you might not believe it when you see it, is totally Slimming World friendly!

Carrot and Orange Cake

Treat yourself to a Mini Carrot and Orange Cake – a perfect treat and not to many syns.

Carrot and Orange Cake

First I grab a few ingredients that I think might work together and then I jot down some combinations and work out the syn value of what a serving would be, before I attempt to make it. The reason I do this, is there is nothing worse than making cake only to discover the syn value is way too high for a serving and then you do not feel like you can even enjoy it.

1 Syn Black Forest Scan Bran Slimming World Cupcakes

I regularly scour every recipe book I own, and believe me I accumulated shelves full during my cheffing days! Looking for cake, cookie or dessert recipes that can be converted into slimming friendly recipes.

1 Syn Black Forest Scan Bran slimming world cupcakes

Now, obviously the traditional dessert didn’t even come close to being a slimming-friendly recipe, so we decided to put our thinking caps on and figure out how we could make it work.

Low Syn Sticky Gingerbread Tray Bake

It’s November which means it’s basically Christmas already right!? Ok, well maybe not but I’m already getting excited for the festive season which means it’s time for the Christmas baking to start in earnest with this Low Syn Sticky Gingerbread Traybake. This time of year is all about family, friends, togetherness and food, and for me, that means plenty of get-togethers that involve lots of cake!

Low Syn Sticky Gingerbread Tray Bake

That can be a bit tricky when you’re trying to be healthy, and the Christmas period is full of enough temptation without having it at home too. That’s why a bake like this can make all the difference, helping you stay on plan without compromising on flavour or enjoyment!

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