In the unlikely event that you don’t know what Tapas are, they are delicious Spanish appetisers that you might be given in your favourite Spanish Restaurant. We have collected some easy Tapas recipes for your delectation.

Being a keen linguist, I always need to know where words and names come from. The word “tapa” translates as “cover”. Tapas originated in Andalucia, a Southern province of Spain.

These may, traditionally, have been something as simple as a slice of Serrano Ham served on top of of a glass of wine.

But, we now know them as delicious Spanish snacks or appetisers. Small portions of food served as a snack before lunch or dinner.

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Easy Tapas Recipes

Apparently, during a period of illness, King Alfonso X could only eat small bites of food with a little wine.

After recovering from his illness, the king issued the order that no alcohol could be served in the land of Castile unless it was accompanied by food.

This was prudent because the poor people had turned to alcohol when they couldn’t afford a nourishing meal.

From this royal decree, the Tapa was born.

This just one story about the origin of the Spanish Tapas. To read more check The History and Origin of the Spanish Snack.

Two to Tapas

When you are dining out, it can be fun. Or it can be a disastrously expensive mistake.

You are often better spending the money on some good ingredients for a private dinner party at home.

And a Tapas Dinner Party can be a delicious, fun way to enjoy some really tasty food.

Two to Tapas Date Night Party

Furthermore, a homemade Tapas Party for 2 is great for Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. And it can be very romantic.

Catalan Tomato Bread (Pa Amb Tomàquet)

Tomato Bread is a delicious, ubiquitous Catalan Tapas dish. The Catalan name is pa amb tomàquet while for the Spanish speaker it is pan con tomate.

In many Catalan restaurants, this will be the first dish to be served.

Catalan Tomato and Bread

This recipe requires only 5 ingredients. Toasted bread, raw garlic, fresh tomatoes, olive oil and sea salt. This makes fresh, flavourful tomato bread.

However, this easy tapas recipe is amazing and so memorable.

Spanish Easy Tapas Recipes

Des is the founder of “Oh So Delicioso” and she has done a lot of research into Spanish culture, food and recipes.

She adores the Spanish Serrano Ham and Manchego cheese. So, has combined these fantastic foods with a Spanish style bruschetta for some incredible Tapas recipes.

Spanish Tapas with Serrano Ham and Manchego Cheese

Serrano Ham reminds Des of the Italian prosciutto. Both types of hm are dry-cured and best served in paper-tine slices.

In Barcelona eating Tapas

When you crave some really tasty Tapas and a quick trip to Barcelona is impractical. We have 9 Spanish recipes for you to whip up some authentic homemade Tapas.

When you wan to be in Barcelona eating Tapas

You can view the full recipe details for the following Tapas dishes by following the link from the above image.

  1. One-Pan Spanish Chicken and Rice
  2. Patatas Bravas With Chorizo, Fried Eggs, and Garlic Aioli
  3. Spanish Chickpea and Spinach Stew
  4. Spanish Shrimp
  5. Easy Seafood Paella
  6. Easy Homemade Churros With Chocolate Sauce
  7. Spanish Bruschetta
  8. Tortilla Española
  9. Arroz Con Leche

Finally, I hope you enjoy these recipes and I will see you in Barcelona.

How to make Spanish Cod Fritters

I love to eat fish because it is a healthy, tasty meal idea which is really beneficial to good health.

And, these Spanish Cod fritters are so delicious. Spanish style fritters are called buñuelos de bacalao and originally made with dried salted cod.

How to make Spanish Cod Fritters

You will love these Spanish Cod fritters every bit as much as I do.

Spanish Tapas Party

You are planning a dinner party for your friends and family. But, you want it to be different and memorable. Spanish Tapas Parties are fun and very different to what you may be used to.

And along with a few blasses of vino tinto, the party will be rocking, flamenco style.

Spanish Tapas Party

One of the best things about a Spanish Tapas Paty is that you can take care of most of the work ahead of time. Leaving you lots of time to socialise with your dinner guests.

18 Terrific Tapas Recipes

When you want to host a Spanish night, a great idea for involving your guests is to have them contribute towards the night. 18 Terrific Tapas Recipes does just that.

Ask your guests to prepare their own favourite tapas or pintxos and bring them along to the party.

18 Terrific Tapas Recipes

Tapas dishes have evolved from the original Serrano Ham and a glass of wine to an incredible array of delicious appetisers that are perfect for convivial company.

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Easy Tapas Recipes for a Spanish Tapas Party