If you are looking for something quick and easy to prepare for your family dinner. Eggs are a very versatile ingredient and full of protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. These egg recipes will inspire you to create amazing meal ideas.

Do you remember the egg marketing board when the government wanted to encourage us to eat more eggs? Or check out our Keto Selection for more healthy meal ideas.

Egg Recipes

This selection of egg recipes should provide you with ample inspiration for preparing a nutritious meal for your hungry family.

I took a moment to see what other egg recipes were being featured on the Internet and stumbled across what I thought was very unusual egg recipe on the BBC Food Blog for Chorizo Scotch Quail’s Eggs. Scotch Eggs we, or I, associate with Scotland and chorizo is a Spanish cured meat.

Quail’s Eggs are very much an aquired taste. I have eaten Quail’s eggs once or twice and apart from being tiny they are very strongly flavoured.

The next recipe I encountered was for Spanish Tortilla which has always been a disappointment to me. It’s my own fault, I think that the word tortilla has an exciting, exotic Mexican sound. So when the waiter or camerero brings me an omelette I feel very let down.

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Cheesy Baked Egg Toast

Lisa brings us this very tasty recipe, because she became a fan of “runny eggs”. This was after a fortuitous misunderstanding which gave her an “easy over” egg sandwich which she loved.

Cheesy baked egg toast

This is a simple recipe for an easy egg dish that will become a family favourite in your house. It certainly “hits the spot” in our house.

Homemade Egg Drop Soup Recipe

This recipe for homemade egg drop soup is a quick way for you to create your favourite Chinese takeaway in no time at all.

Homemade Egg drop soup

Homemade soup is always better. You have the satisfaction of self-reliance and the smell of soup bubbling in the kitchen will ward off the coldest weather.

Simple Egg Roast

A simple recipe for a good, tasty and nutritious meal for those people with very little spare time to devote to cooking a decent meal.

Simple Egg Roast

Shireen relives her student days, a time when this style of cooking was essential to her success at academia. Her egg roast was a life-saver.

Bacon, Potato and Egg Casserole

An easy breakfast casserole. a tasty and energy-packed recipe to start your day. This bacon, potato and egg casserole would be perfect for Christmas morning, when you know you are going to have a hectic day and lunch will be late.

Bacon potato and egg casserole

But, this nutritious breakfast recipe can be rustled up any morning, not just special celebration days.

Keto loaded baked Frittata

The perfect breakfast recipe to use all the leftovers in the fridge. An Italian recipe not unlike a crustless quiche.

Keto loaded baked frittata

I am more familiat with the Spanish tortilla. Frittata is the Italian equivalent and every bit as tasty.

Better than takeout Egg Fu Yung

Eggs are such versatile cooking ingredients and you nearly always have some in your fridge. Homemade food is always more satisfying than takeout and can be just as quickly prepared.

Egg Foo Yung Better than takeout

Egg Fy Yung is a delicious treat that you can easily make ate home. Probably in the time it takes for your local Chinese takeaway to deliver.

Spinach and Mozzarella Egg Bake

Since I began taking my healthy diet seriously, I have loved spinach. We all heard of spinch, as kids, from the Popeye cartoons. They did not inspire me to eat this leafy, green vegetable. But the Wahls Protocol did.

Spinach and Mozzarela Egg Bake

This spinach and mozzarella egg bake will be a sure-fire hit with your hungry family. And, can you think of another recipe that will get the kids to eat spinach?

The best egg salad

One of my personal favourites, is egg salad. Sweet paprika and mustard transform an everyday, mundane salad into an absolute taste sensation.

Make the best Egg Salad

We should all be eating more salad. It is very healthy, absolutely delicious and environmentally friendly. It is even better if you can grow your own in the garden.

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Egg Recipes that are not a yolk