One of the joys of travel is finding new and exciting foods to eat. I love to travel and I adore new dining experiences. My selection of food markets should give you an idea of the incredible diversity of food options we could have available to us.

We love to travel and, I love healthy food. Our trips to Spain should have provided a clue to our love of Spanish culture.

Food Markets to discover

Almost everywhere you could dream of visiting, will have a unique food culture. Each of us needs to eat. After all, food is the fuel that gives the energy to live, to love and to do great things.

We all live in a society. A society where we share our ideas and our culture. Almost every culture has food at the centre. It is so absolutely essential to our survival.

This is a really tenuous connection but, I come from a market background. For a couple of years, I worked on our local market. This wasn’t a food market. It was a weekly, general market and I was a member of the team responsible for erecting the market stalls.

This was challenging work. I remeber our team being a fairly small team, and we had hundreds of market stalls to erect every market morning.

Furthermore, we started this work very early. The market stalls had to be erected before the stallholders arrived to set up their products.

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Catania Market, Sicily

Despite being fairly well travelled, I have never been to Sicily. This is doubly surprising as my late mother-in-law was Sicilian.

Catania Food Market Sicily

You will see from the linked blog that Sicily is a busy, bustling travel destination. Or, at least, the Catania fish market is a very hectic, chaotic place to visit.

La Bocqueria, Barcelona

The name La Bocqueria roughly translates to English as butcher or goat seller. Although today, La Bocqueria is a busy market with many stalls selling all manner of merchandise. The very original market did indeed sell goat meat.

La Bocqueria Barcelona

This bustling market is accessed from the famous Barcelona street: La Rambla. Barcelona is most definitely on our bucket list. We had planned a visit a couple of years ago but, changing circumstances do in the way.

Taipei’s Night Markets

Taipei is like many of its oriental neighbours, in having a thriving street food culture. Part of this food culture can be seen at the famous night markets.

Taipei Night Markets

In the west, we have 24/7 supermarkets. In Taipei, we have a bustling night market.

The must-see Panang Night Markets

Of the many night markets in Penang, the Farlim night market is reputed to be the best. There is a huge range of food available in this huge night market, set in a dedicated field.

Penang Malaysia Night Markets

Located just fifteen minutes out of central George Town, the wide variety of food stalls give a good indication of the current good-eating trends in Penang.

Top 10 Markets in Madrid

I love Spanish food and I love the Spanish people. But, I have never been to Madrid.

Top Madrid Markets

Amidst the many food stalls and trendy clothing stands, are the famous San Miguel and San Anton market stalls.

Exploring Bologna

In the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, you will find ‘La Grassa’ (the fat one). We know it better as Bologna, a paradise for food lovers.

Bologna Outdoor Markets

There are many farmer’s markets and delicious artisan food shops to discover when you take a guided walking tour of the city.

If you are interested in walking tours of Bologna, contact Bologna Welcome the tourist office.

The Nishiki Market in downtown Kyoto

The world-famous Nishiki Market is packed with stalls and tiny shops specialising in individual foods.

Nishiki Market Downtown Kyoto

A variation on street food that you may be familiar with is while you walk snacks.

10 Best Food Markets in Rome

I have no wish to brag. But, we have been to Rome. It was only on a city break visit, so we didn’t have the chance to explore too far.

Food Vendors in Rome Italy

Rome is an amazing city. But, it is very big. You really need to plan your visit meticulously to allow you to see the important features.

Best local food & drink in Nuremberg

My wife and I have never holidayed in Germany. I have visited, many years ago, for work. It is an amazing country with incredible people.

I have visited many countries and I have yet to travel to a country with unfriendly people.

Food and Drink in Nuremberg

The above post was written by a lady who loves German cuisine. And, I would concur, from my rather vague memories of working in Germany.

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