Before we begine to taste the Finland soup Recipes, we should take cognizance of the history of Finland as divulged by Lonely Planet.

Finnish history is the story of a people who for centuries were a wrestling mat between two heavyweights on either side: Sweden and Russia. The unfortunate thing about this history is that the earliest chronicles were written by Swedes, and much of ethnic Finnish culture and events before and well after the Swedish crusades has escaped written record altogether.

Little is known of the earliest human settlement in Finland. As the glaciers receded at the end of the last Ice Age, the first permanent inhabitants of what is now Finland probably began arriving around 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Around this time the Baltic Sea formed, flooding what was a large freshwater lake. To this day, it’s one of the least saline of the major seas.

But Finland was almost certainly inhabited long before this period. Recent finds of worked flint tools in a cave at Kristinestad suggest sporadic human presence as far back as 100,000 years ago, between Ice Ages.

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Finland Soup Recipes

The first settlers in Finland came from Russia and present-day Estonia. These people hunted elk and beaver using stone tools and weapons and gradually spread out into the whole of the region. Sites have been found in southern Finland dating from around the eighth millennium BC.

Finnish Summer Soup

Prepare a bit of Finnish cuisine in your home! Finnish Summer Soup is a traditional recipe that you will have no problem making on your own. Ingredients that are common in every cuisine, but with a flavor that is definitely Nordic – YUM!

The locals always serve this summer vegetable soup with a platter of mixed cheese and some bread.

Finnish Summer Soup

Now, if you want to complete the Finnish experience in the comfort of your home, I got another treat for you. Serve it with some Finnish Carrot Bread!

Traditionl Lohikeitto Salmon Soup

Lohikeitto is a traditional salmon soup from Finland that comes together in less than 30 minutes. The rich salmon flavor really comes through in this lightly seasoned nordic salmon soup. With just a splash of cream, this soup is light enough for spring, but comforting enough for winter eating.

While American fish stews are all about thick heavy broths and white fish, this Finnish salmon soup is a refreshing change. Made with salmon for a distinctive flavor, and finished with fresh dill, this isn’t your average fish chowder.

Traditionl Lohikeitto Salmon Soup

Most people don’t have fish stock on hand, and it can be tricky to find in stores. Luckily, traditional Lohikeitto recipes actually use water instead of stock. I know, it sounds strange, but that’s one of the things that keeps this salmon soup so light and clean.

Scandinavian Split-pea Finland Soup Recipes

The classic Scandinavian split-pea soup, usually made with yellow split peas on Thursdays across Sweden and Finland. It’s also the traditional Scandinavian supper on the Christian calendar’s Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday – what fun-lovin’ folk call “Fat Tuesday” or “Mardi Gras”. In my kitchen? Scandinavian Split-Pea Soup is a cold-weather staple.

Late-winter, early-spring days are so unpredictable. Some days, the air is almost warm and the earth teases us with a scent of spring promise.

Scandinavian Split-pea Soup Finland Soup Recipes

Other days – brrr! The daffodils and tulips may poke their little heads out of the ground but it’s downright cold. And windy! Even snowy!

Scandinavian Split-Pea soup is an old, old recipe guaranteed to warm your family from the inside out on these last chilly days.

Cold Blueberry Soup from Helsinki

This cold blueberry soup is a reminder of my recent trip to Helsinki and its many wonderful food markets. We arrived by ferry from Tallinn in the morning and spent one day in the city, all while the sky gleamed in bright blue and the sunshine warmed the streets of Finland’s beautiful capital.

It was a perfect day to explore Helsinki. Strolling the food markets became an instant favorite. They were overflowing with fresh produce from the region, colorful flowers and the occasional fish stand. One things that surprised me to see over and over again – berries of all sorts, colors and shapes.

Cold Blueberry Soup from Helsinki

Now Finland is a Nordic country where I assumed it would be too dark and cold to grow something as vibrant as purple wild blueberries or juicy pink raspberries. But once again travelling taught me a lesson. And so I learned that there are about 50 species of wild berries growing in Finland. It seems that the well-known white summer nights ripen the berries, making them sweet and tasty.

Scandinavian Style Beetroot, Apple and Walnut Soup Recipes

Beetroot imparts a gorgeous pink hue to this Scandi-style vegetarian soup recipe. Serve with rye bread as a stunning starter.

Pickled beetroot adds a tang, but if you can’t get hold of it use regular cooked beetroot and a squeeze of lemon.

Scandinavian Style Beetroot, Apple and Walnut Soup

Make up to 3 days ahead (without the goat’s cheese), cover and keep in the fridge. Freeze individual portions in food bags for up to 3 months.

Smoked Reindeer Finland Soup

Last night was a Nordic evening in MasterChef. I didn’t know that when I decided to do my Smoked Reindeer soup, but it was a happy coincidence as I was on a homely, smoky, Nordic mood when I sat down in front of the telly. The MasterChef finalists were cooking stunning Nordic food in two amazing restaurants in Stockholm. The first one was a fish restaurant where there is no menu, they just come up with dishes based on what fresh produce their suppliers bring each day. In the second restaurant everything is cooked on open fire.

Smoked Reindeer Soup Finland Soup Recipes

They were mostly doing seafood and fish, some of it very familiar to me like sander and arctic char. There was lobster, scallop, roe, tar, pickling and smoking of this and that. One of the contestants cooked a lovely looking lump of reindeer, but unfortunately it was under as we say in chef lingo. But under is better than over, mused the whiskered wannabe MasterChef and scraped through to the next round.

Kimppikeitti Beef and Dumpling Soup

I have a love-hate relationship with this time of the year. The leaves are turning golden and have started falling in the streets, the air is cooler and calls for pulling out those woolly scarves, the days are getting shorter and this rain that seems to be drizzling for weeks is driving me batty. One of the good things about this time of the year is that comfort food is gradually making its way onto the dinner table.

Kimppikeitti Beef and Dumpling Soup Finland Soup Recipes

My recent cravings for anything to do with dumplings has brought me to a recipe I found online. This delicious soup comes from Finland’s western country and actually reminds me of a soup my mother made us when we were kids. I’m far from being Finnish, however. My parents are Croatian and the soup Mum used to make (and maybe still does) was chicken-based, unlike this one. The thin, clean and beautifully flavoured broth is the most perfect bath for these soft and creamy potato dumplings. This winds up our Finland Soup Recipes.

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