Don your deerstalker, dust off you windcheater jacket, we’re hunting game meat to dress the dining table this evening.

Game Meat for the big house

You don’t need to be a member of the landed gentry to appreciate the finer qualities of game. The peasants of the land can catch a rabbit or snaggle a wood pigeon to fill the cooking pot.

However, a prize buck may beyond all but the big-money hunters. Venison is not the only game on the estate.

Furthermore, your local village butcher will find you a fine haunch of venison. If you are willing to pay the price.

I have twice eaten rabbit. on both occasions, we were in Spain and I was feeling adventurous. You will see this on a Spanish menu as conejo.

It is quite a tasty meat which some say is akin to the taste of chicken. I disagree. It is a dellicate flavour but it is not like chicken, in my opinion.

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Game Poacher’s Pie

Why do I think of Zak Dingle when we mention Poacher’s Pie. That’s simple, Zak was famous for his poaching in Emmerdale.

Poachers Pie

The combination of venison, wild boar and partridge make this luscious pie something rather special. In particular, venison is a delicious meat when it is slow cooked to tenderness.

Wild Pheasant in Mushroom and Wine Sauce

A step beyond a simple chicken and mushroom pie. this stew of wild pheasant and mushroom would be much more at tt home in a fine dining restaurant.

Wild Pheasant in Mushroom and Wine Sauce

My worry about this type of dish, is that the name often sounds much better than the meal tastes.

But, slow cooked in a mushroom and wine sauce means that my worry is misplaced. This is a truly scrumptious recipe.

Italian Venison Wellington

I love Beef Wellington, I love venison and I adore Italian cuisine. This recipe should be a slam-dunk hit.

Italian Venison Wellington Scottiah game

Using prosciutto rather than pate to wrap this tenderloin of venison has me drooling in anticipation.

Homemade Duck Prosciutto Dry-Cured Duck Breast

I often but prosciutto from our local Italian delicatessen. But, that is dried ham. So, homemade duck prosciutto sounds divine.

Homemade Duck Prosciutto Dry-Cured Duck Breast

Dry curing meat can only be done if you have the right environment. Somewhere cold, dark and dry to preserve the meat for long storage and delicious eating.

Tomatillo Elk Verde Stew

Tomatillo translates from Spanish as little tomato but, these babies are not tomatoes. Sometimes called husk tomatoes, this fruit is native to Mexico and works great in a verde (green) stew.

Tomatillo Elk Verde Stew game meat

It is very likely that your local butcher won’t have elk, so you can substitute venison in this recipe.

Stewed Rabbit with Spices

I have only eaten rabbit once. We were on holiday in Mallorca and we visited a small restaurant with rabbit on the menu. In Spanish rabbit is: conejo and is surprisingly tasty.

Stewed Rabbit with Spices

Rabbit is not a strongly flavoured meat, so it does need the addition of a few spices to liven it up.

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6 Game meat recipes that might surprise you