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I can’t lay claim to being a Geordie but, I do have Tyneside roots. Both of my parents were raised in Monkseaton, close to Whitley Bay. It may explain why I feel a slight kindred spirit with the honest fare of the likely lads that are the Hairy Bikers. Of course, only Si is from Newcastle, Dave hails from Cumbria.

Hairy Bikers Recipes

However, that’s no reason for not including some of the famous Hairy Bikers recipes for your delectation here. This cuddly do spend a lot of their time traveling to exotic parts but, this blog post is not the place to investage this aspect of their lives.

I have watched the hairy bikers on TV for several years now. They produce some great recipe ideas with relatively simple ingredients. You always get the the feeling that you can make these dishes.

Furthermore, if these two daft guys can assemble good food, then anybody can do the same.

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Bang bang Chicken Salad

I could quite happily live on salad every day in life. This simple chicken salad is brought alive with ginger and five spice. Sound as if it will be right up my street.

Bang bang Chicken Salad

Dave and Si baste the chicken in a garlic, ginger and chilli sauce which should be creamy and spicy. I think this sounds like a very flavoursome and healthy combination.

Wild Boar Ragù honest fare

If we were living in England in the time of Robin Hood, then wild boar may have been quite common, honest fare. However, I think that, these days, you would get a very odd look from your local butcher if you asked for wild boar.

Wild Boar Ragù honest fare

I believe that this dish still features quite a lot, if you go to a medieval banquet.

Raspberry and Orange Souffle

Oh yummy. I haven’t always had sweet tooth but, in the last few years, I have definitely developed a taste for desserts like this souffle.

Raspberry and Orange Souffle

Souffle has a reputation for being very difficult to cook correctly. But, I have been able to turn out a successful souffle many times.

Mama’s Curry honest fare

Who doesn’t love a curry. A medium hot curry has vecome a firm favourite after reading about the health benefits of many of the spices used in Indian curries.

Curry for Mama

This is a beef curry with tinned tomatoes and natural yoghurt. And of most interest, from my point of view, is the Hairy Bikers own spice mix.

But, I confess to using ready-mixed curry powder because I don’t use it often enough to keep individual spices fresh.

Furthermore, I don’t trust my taste buds to strike a palatable balance of spices.

Spanish Chicken Tray Bake Dinner with Chorizo

At only 370 calories per serving, this typically Mediterranean chicken bake will be a hit with weight-loss fans.

Spanish Chicken Tray Bake Dinner with Chorizo honest fare

The Mediterranean Diet is a popular diet regime for the health-conscious, weight watching diner. You will find a greater choice of Spanish Dishes here.

Walnut and Honey Baklava

Gorgious filo pastry parcels with luscious walnuts and zesty orange, drizzled with aticky honey sauce. Serve with mint tea or Turkish coffee or as a dessert.

Walnut and Honey Baklava

A typically Middle East dish is also popular in Greece.

Chicken and Tarragon Pie honest fare

Back on more traditional Hairy Biker terrain. A tasty, filling chicken pie.

Chicken and Tarragon Pie honest fare

I don’t normally eat a lot of pie. But, a well-cooked chicken pie with a luscious gravy is a pie I enjoy greatly.

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