IIFYM, or “If It Fits Your Macros,” is a type of flexible dieting that helps people lose weight without feeling overly restricted.

Rather than focusing on calories, IIFYM tracks macronutrients instead — namely protein, fat and carbohydrates.

This allows for much more flexibility since all foods can be enjoyed as long as they fit into your macros for the day.

The IIFYM diet was originally designed by fitness enthusiast Anthony Collova after he became frustrated with traditional dieting recommendations.

IIFYM is a new spin on dieting that focuses on macronutrients rather than calories.

IIFYM Recipes

Macronutrients, or macros, are the four types of food molecules the body can break down for energy. Three types of macronutrients are tracked in IIFYM:

  1. Protein, which has 4 calories per gram.
  2. Carbohydrates, which have 4 calories per gram.
  3. Fat, which has 9 calories per gram.

Alcohol is the fourth macronutrient, containing 7 calories per gram, but it’s not included in the IIFYM diet.

Since IIFYM focuses on macronutrients, rather than calories. It can be a great educational tool for people who are unfamiliar with the macronutrient composition of foods.

For example. A Snickers bar and 5.5 ounces of salmon have almost the same number of calories but, very different macronutrients.

While the candy bar and salmon both contain a large amount of fat, the Snickers bar is loaded with carbohydrates. While the salmon is packed with protein (1, 2).

It’s easy to see how learning to meet your macros can be an eye-opening experience. For someone who has not tracked them before.

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120 Mix n Match IIFYM Recipes

Counting macros has become a wildly popular way to lose weight. The IIFYM diet plan is so popular because rather than counting calories and depriving yourself of foods you love, you count your macros instead! It’s a flexible dieting option, perfect for people who want to lose weight but don’t want to be too restricted with what they eat. Sound like your cup of tea? Take a look at our 30 day IIFYM diet plan for beginners!

20 Mix n Match IIFYM Recipes

The IIFYM Diet is a flexible eating plan where you count your macros instead of your calorie intake. Macronutrients are a type of calorie that provide energy and there are three main macronutrients: carbohydrates, fat and protein. With the IIFYM diet, you calculate your personal macro allowance for the day (we explain how below!), and as long as foods fit into your daily macro allowance, you can enjoy them without feeling restricted.

Meal Plan for Fat Loss

Looking to create your own IIFYM meal plan and build the body you’ve always wanted? The “trick” to creating optimal IIFYM meal plans is to include your favorite treats and desserts while making sure it fits your macros and your schedule.

Meal Plan for Fat Loss

I’ve also been able to repeat this transformation over and over again for the past 5 years. If you’re ready to do the same and start dieting with macros, then you want to keep reading.

Quick Start Guide

IIFYM is an acronym for If It Fits Your Macros and has become a popular dieting trend. IIFYM is also known as flexible dieting or counting macros.

The crux of the diet revolves around two main concepts; establishing your personal TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure)2 and establishing your personal set of daily macro (macronutrient) targets.

Quick Start Guide

The first thing a dieter must do when beginning IIFYM is to establish their TDEE or in other words, how many calories their body burns during a 24 hour period considering their REE (Resting Energy Expenditure), their general movement/activities, and their intentional exercise.

30 Days of IIFYM Dinners

The amount of macros you should be eating for weight loss will be different than anyone else’s. First, you’re going to find your “macronutrient ratio” – a ratio that takes into account your height and weight, activity level, age, and weight loss goals. There are calculators and apps to help you find your macro ratio such as the macro diet.

30 Days of IIFYM Dinners

If you’re calculating your macros for weight loss, the following ratio will be a good starting point for you: 10-30% carbs, 40-50% protein, 30-40% fat. Make sure to tweak your macros taking into account the results you’re looking for and your activity level.

Over 20 Macro Friendly Recipes

The hardest thing about counting macros is figuring out what to eat. People are always asking for easy meal plans to follow, but the truth is it wouldn’t work.

Why? Because with IIFYM there is no one size fits all meal plan. Your numbers are customized to your height, weight, and activity level.

20 Macro Friendly Recipes

Most people have the hardest time hitting protein. Also, most people have only around 30% of their intake come from fats. Carbs will vary based on whether you are cutting, bulking, or maintaining.

Macro Meal Prep Recipes

When it comes to the macro diet, you don’t have to count calories. (Yay!) But you do have to make sure your meals contain a healthy balance of carbs, fat and protein.

Macro Meal Prep Recipes

And when you’re suddenly hangry at lunchtime, balance is the last thing you’re thinking about. The solution? These 21 meal-prep recipes, which are macro-friendly and just as delicious as an emergency slice of pizza.

30 Days of IIFTM Lunches

You can eat whatever you want as long as it fits into your macros for the day. You’re able to eat a diverse range of foods, making meals more enjoyable.

30 Days of IIFYM Lunches

The IIFYM diet is efficient in helping your lose weight. Typically, you lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume, which you can achieve on the IIFYM eating plan.

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