Who doesn’t love a curry? I have been fortunate when I was invited to the home of an Indian family to sample one of their really tasty curry recipes that the lady of the house had cooked.

An Indian curry, prepared and cooked by an Indian lady. You don’t get a more authentic curry than this. And, guess what. It was a really tasty curry.

This meal took place many years ago and I can’t remember the specifics. I do remember that we ate the curry with chapatis and the sauce contained quite a lot of okra.

You may know okra as “lady’s finger” which is quite a common name for it in the U.K.

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Really tasty Curry Recipes

It is believed that the word curry is derived from the Yamil word Kari.

The food historian, Lizzie Collingham informs us that to trace the origins of the word “curry” we need to go back to a time when the Portuguese first captured Goa. They would have heard the words khari or caril. These were the words for particular spice mixes or the sauce made with them.

However, what we know as curry is not a traditional Indian dish. The first recorded version of our modern curry is attributed to Hannah Glasse. She used this reference in her 1947 book “Glasse’s Art of Cookery”.

Chickpea potato curry

I believe that the original Indian cuisine that forms the basis of modern curry cooking used a lot of lentils and chickpeas.

At this time, large parts of India were very poor. Expensive meats like beef or chicken were beyond the reach on many Indian people.

You will find many lentil-based recipes here and on Pinterest. We assume that a traditional curry would use chicken. But, this really isn’t the case.

Chickpea and Potato Curry

This chickpea and potato curry is the first of fifteen tasty, vegetarian recipes that you can find on the linked post.

Furthermore, you will find valuable details about potato and spices cooking.

Butternut Squash and Coconut Curry

We all strive to find easy, quick to prepare, delicious meals. This Butternut Squash Coconut Curry can be knocked out in less than 30 minutes.

And, you can serve it on a bed of rice, with chapatis or in a healthy gluten-free wrap.

Butternun Squash and Coconut Curry

Just because you need to eat gluen-free food, doen’t mean you need to forfeit flavour.

And, curry is so healthy in so many ways.

Sweet Potato Chicken Curry

This sweet potato and chicken curry is a perfect candidate for your slow-cooker.

You will adore the wonderful aromas that will permeate your kitchen while this delicious curry is gently simmering.

Sweet Potato and Chicken Curry

In Indian Cuisine there are 7 essential spices:

  • Dhaniya Powder | Coriander Powder.
  • Garam Masala | Whole Spice Mix.
  • Haldi | Turmeric Powder.
  • Hari Elaichi | Green Cardamom.
  • Lal Mirchi Powder | Red Chili Powder.
  • Sabut Jeera | Cumin Seeds.

Easy Vegan Tofu Curry

Tofu is a food that originated in China. Condensed soy milk is pressed into solid white blocks.

Because tofu is derived from plants, we assume that it is healthy. And, yes, it is a good source of plant protein that contains all nine essential amino acids.

However, tofu contains phytoestrogen plant compounds. And these are associated with breast cancer.

Easy Vegan Tofu Curry

This easy vegan tofu curry is a delicious use of this, otherwise, bland food.

And, you can bake the tofu in the oven. Or you can fry the tofu on the stovetop.

Either way, you will love this delicious tofu curry recipe.

The tastiest Egg Curry

Our recipes make good use of superlatives like: best, tastiest and most delicious.

But, the tastiest egg curry is well-deserving of the title.

I think you will be the better judge when you try this scrumptious dish.

Perfect Indian Egg Curry

You can easily substitue the eggs with some tofu, if you want a tasty vegan meal.

Instant-Pot Mango Curry

This mango curry with cauliflower and cashew nuts is vegan and gluten-free.

Ibstant Pot Mango Curry with cauliflower and cashew

Another proponent of curry was the writer Jane Holt. In 1941 she wrote in the New York Times about a “rare Oriental ragout” she had discovered in one of the few Manhatten Indian restaurants.

However, the aromatic dish she called “curry” was not rare. You could find references to “curry” in the food cultures of Fiji, Japan, Jamaica and Britain.

Vegan Thai Red Curry

I have a treat for a vegan or vegetarian reader. This Thai Red Curry with Cauliflower and Potatoes is a veggie-laden, nutritious meal for any day of the week.

Vegan Thai Red Curry

We have a National Curry Week in the U.K. This momentous week happens every October.

I believe it was Robin Cook who was Foreign Secretary at the time, that described “Chicken Tikka Masala” as a true British National Dish.

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