Spain has long held a lure for the author and his wife. The restaurants in Spain are just one attraction of many. A desire to learn the language is one of the biggest motivating factors for the author. The learning process is known to be beneficial for delaying the possibility of cognitive decline in advancing age and the worsening of multiple sclerosis.

Furthermore, Spain hs a lot to offer the ex-pat Brit looking to retire from the cold, wet weather of home.

My partner and I spend many afternoons watching the various property programs on television. Of particular interest are always the programs looking at Spanish properties.

What is very apparent is the huge deivergence in pricing dependant on location. Clearly, the waterfront house are in high demand and once you get away from the tourist centre you can see the prices tumble.

However, I have been informed that, once you get well away from the tourist spots you will find the areas that are sought after by the Spaniards.

Again, property prices reflect the demand and start to rise.

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Enjoy Spanish cuisine

Restaurants in Spain

It is no surprise that I am fond of Spanish food. My wife and I holiday in this country whenever we get the chance. It is a constant annoyance to my wife when I devote most of our holidays to exploring the restaurants in Spain.

We are now at a time of life when we should be exercising the freedom of retirement.

However, there are a few considerations that limit our travel horizons:

  • We are subject to the pecuniary constraints of retirement.
  • The climate crisis forces us all to reconsider travel
  • I have a chronic illness which has energy implications

The Ultimate Malaga Food Guide

Malaga is a place we have driven through and circumnavigated, on many occasions, on our way to Nerja. A location subject for another post, Nerja is one of our favourite places.

You may have heard of Malaga as the location of the regional airport. For this reason, will have been the temporary destination for many holiday travellers making a similar journey to ourselves.


Evelien takes us on a tour of this fascinating Andalucian town with some fantastic photography. which certainly fills me with a desire to make my future visits a little more detailed.

Delicious Foods you must eat in the Restaurants in Spain

Nick and Laura are obviously in love with the Spanish food culture and they have introduced me to a new phrase: tapas crawls or pinchos crawls. I am very familiar with tapas but, I clearly haven’t travelled to the right regions to encounter pinchos.

Delicious Foods of Spain

I heartily recommend you to take a look at the post of Nick and Laura. This makes a welcome addition to my Restaurants in Spain.

The food scene in Valencia

Another post by Nick and Laura. They are, clearly, frequent travellers to Spain. This affords them a good local knowledge of the locations they visit.

They reveal that paella originated in Valencia. But, I know that paella is popular throughout Spain. However, they do acknowledge this fact in their blog.

Valencia foods to try

This post tells us about a number of typical Valencian dishes and also gives details of a few notable restaurants for you to try.

Cadiz the Moroccan Neighbour

Located in south-wet Spain, Cádiz is the capital of the province of Cádiz one of eight provinces which constitute the autonomous community of Andalusia.

Cadiz places to eat and drink

I, personally, have never visited Cádiz but, it is most certainly on my ever-expanding bucket list. Cádiz has featured in many television travelogues and appears to be a typically, quant Spanish fishing community with beautiful Spanish, Moorish architecture.

Barcelona tapas restaurants in Spain

Tapas are Spanish snacks that can be found in any café, bodega, bar or restaurant. Every tapas house has their own variety of snack dishes for your delectation so, you can never tire of these delicious taste-bombs no matter how many time you go on the tapas trail.

Barcelons tapas restaurants in Spain

Barcelona is a modern, vibrant city. The capital of the Cataluña province and a location I have long-planned to visit. However, despite having spent many days researching the historical sites to visit, I have never managed to get there.

San Sebastian A Food Lover’s Dream Destination

My wife and I visit Spain quite often but, we favour the less well known destinations. So, it will come as no surprise that we haven’t made it as far as San Sebastian which id why I was delighted to find this recommendation.

San Sebastian Food Heaven for the traveller

San Sebastian may be most well-known for golden beaches. But the allure of San Sebastian must include the fine dining reputation and its grand architecture.

Bilbao Food Guide to restaurants in Spain

It’s not quite time to wrap up my exploration of restaurants in Spain. For me, the name Bilbao conjures up romantic images of quintessential Spanish street life. Tables set in the sun with a cold cerveza and nice tropical salad, with quiet guitar music playing in the background. The idea of perfection for a holiday afternoon.

Bilbao Food Guide

However, few holidays match up to this perfect dream.

But, I do try to ensure that most of them meet my requirements. Its all back to the level of planning I have been able to achieve.

Foodie’s Guide to Madrid

Madrid is the capital city of Spain. With a population of nearly 3.3 million, it is the second largest city in Europe. Madrid lies on the river Manzanares and is the seat of the Spanish Governemnt and the financial centre.

Foodie Guide to Madrid

We have been hesitant of visiting Madrid. For the simple reason that the sheer size makes it impossible to appreciate all of the historic sites in a single visit.

However, I think that I may have been a little narrow-minded. Nadrid is a beautiful city and I should be much more receptive to its charms.

Because I need to expand my horizons. Doing a full research of Madrid would stretch my ageing mind.

Furthermore, I often enjoy planning the trip just a much as making the trip.

Finally, planning a trip cost far less than boarding a flight.

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