Every country has their own selection of traditional dishes. These soup recipes from France will give you a taste of Gallic cuisine.

We have travelled to France on a number of occasions. And every visit has been a gastronomic discovery.

Other occasions have been an extraordinary adventure. Trying to get through Paris on the Metro to the Beauvais Tillé Airport.

Unfortunately, this is not one of the most straightforward of journeys and we missed our flight.

Even more unfortunately, our flight had been with Ryan Air. And the next svailable flight was the following day. Zut Alors!

Somehow, me managed to wangle our way onto a later flight that day. But this was a flight to Prestwick and not Edinburgh, where we had left the car.

Yes, we got home to Scotland but, actually getting home to our house cost a very expensive taxi from Prestwick to Edinburgh in the early hourse of the morning.

However, we prefer to journey to Spain and have, therefore, developed a taste for Spanish Food.

Soup recipes from France

We hope that this selection of soup recipes from France will set your taste buds tingling and get your travel feet itchy.

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French onion soup

This is a recipe intended for your essential kitchen helper, the soup maker. We have even included a couple if our affiliate links to make life easy for you.

French Onion Soup in the Soup Maker

Two useful links, if you don’t already own a very versatile soup maker. Of course, you can still make this delicious soup without electric tools assistance.

Soupe au Pistou soup recipes from France

Pistou is the French equivalent of pesto. This is a typical vegetable soup of Provence.

Soupe au Pistou

This beautiful soup uses readily available ingredients which you should be able t find in your local supermarket.

French Chestnut soup

This hearty soup may well become your favourite Winter Soup. This is creamy and chestnuts are delicious all season, not just at Christmas.

French Chestnut Soup

Chestnuts from a jar, that have already been peeled and cooked, will make this soup much easier to prepare.

Vichyssoise soup recipes from France

Chilled potato and leek soup. Vichyssoise takes you to a street side cafê in Paris. This is so typically French that you just want to break out the Gitanes.


However, Vichyssoise is NOT a French soup! Zut alor! It is an American creation by the chef Louis Diat. So, while it may suggest Parisienne dining, don’t ask for it in Paris.

Cauliflower Soup with Walnut and Stilton Toast

Cauliflower, Leeks and Garlic combined with seasoning and walnut oil to produce a fantastic, authentic French soup.

Cauliflower Soup with Walnut and Stilton Toast

Soup is such a wholesome easy-to-digest source of nutrition that you can see why so many people adore their soups.

La Potee

French Farmhouse Soup with Bacon, Sausage and Beans. Just what the doctor ordered!

La Potee

Rustic, coarse and satisfyingly filling. You can imagine the strapping farmer sitting down to a well-deserved meal after a hard day on the farm.

Honey Mustard Fall Pumpkin Soup

Something feels wrong! I am putting together a blog about Fall soup when the late-winter, early-spring winds are howling around my house. However, some tasty pumpkin soup would calm my mind and my stomach.

Honey Mustard Fall Pumpkin Soup

The trouble with pumpkin, is that it is a very seasonal vegetable. And it is not in season here, at the moment.

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