The most famous people from Sweden are, arguably, Abba. They are the pop music sensation.I wonder if Bjorn, Benny, Anni-Frid and Agnetha supped Swedish Soup between recording sessions.

If Abba did partake of these delicious soups. You can be sure they were following a very healthy diet.

Furthermore, soup has to be one of the easiest, healthy meal options to feed to your growing family. Using left-over veggies is the most common way of concocting your own unique soup recipe.

Swedish Soup Recipes

A number of the soups we feature here, are Scandinavian fruit soups. These are refreshing, chilled soups enjoyed by the Swedes at breakfast.

However, hot, nutritious vegetable soup is also very popular in Sweden.

You may think that the idea of chilled soup is unusual. Indeed, I have seen it suggested that a chilled soup is an oxymoron. But, gazpacho is a very popular chilled soup.

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Swedish Yellow Pea Soup Ärtsoppa Recipe

Yellow peas and split peas are dried legumes that form the basis of many soup recipes in Sweden. They are also in the cuisine of many other countries.

Dried Yellow Pea Soup

This yellow pea soup is traditionally a Thursday meal in Sweden. Often, it will be followed by a dessert of crepes with whipped cream and preserve.

Swedish Blueberry, Breakfast Soup

I must reassess my opinion. I had assumed that this blueberry soup was a cold breakfast dish. It is not! Many skiers at popular ski-resorts, benefit from this blueberry soup.

Swedish Breakfast Blueberry Soup

Because skiers need to have a healthy, energy-giving meal to keep them warm on the piste. You are sure to feel completely energised after a superfood breakfast of blueberry soup.

Swedish Spinach Soup

I really like the idea of spenatsoppa. Any food that is good enough for Popeye, is good enough for me. If you are planning to make Swedish Spinach Soup, you will need leaf spinach to get the best results.

Swedish Spinach Soup

Additionally, if you are looking for a great source of iron, spinach soup will be perfect for you.

Scandinavian Fruit Soup

This Fruit soup is a chilled dessert dish. It is delightfully sweet without using any refined sugars.

Scandinavian Fruit Soup

While this is a lovely after-meal sweet. Fruit soup also makes a terrific bedtime snack.

Potato Dumpling Soup

I was hopeful that this potato dumping soup would be a Whole30 compliant recipe.

But, I would need to replace the normal flour with a gluten-free alternative.

And, the refined sugar would also have to be replaced.

Norwegian Potato Dumpling Soup

However, I haven’t begun my Whole30 yet and I do love dumplings.

Nordic Fish Chowder

We couldn’t compile a list of Swedish Soup Recipes without including a recipe for fish soup. This is a Norwegian recipe but, they are neighbours to the Swedes.

Nordic Fish Chowder

This recipe is an evolution of the clam chowder of the mother of the post author.

Swedish Cabbage with Caraway Soup

Caraway seeds add a subtle, nutty flavour to this wholesome cabbage soup. You may be forgiven for doubting the excellence of this healthy broth because you have heard tales of flatulence.

Cabbage and Caraway Soup

This Swedish Cabbage Soup is a really healthy way to get some of your daily greens. Don’t be put off by windy gossip, this is a tasty, healthy soup that is really good for you.

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