Yes, I am a fan of the Whole30 elimination diet. And I need to completely revise my eating regime. A Sweet Potato waffle is going to be key to the success of my first Whole30 journey.

I have followed The Wahls Protocol, in the past, with great success. But, I have let my diet slip over the past few months and I am paying the price.

My MS symptoms have been steadily worsening and I have no choice but to give Whole30 a fair try. My first step in this process will be to replace bread in my diet with sweet potato waffles.

Sweet Potato Waffle Recipes

It is completely crazy, to have allowed my improving health to slip away because of my own complacency. It is very true that you don’t value your health until you lose it.

But, I have focussed once again. I have been evaluating new diet regimes and Whole30 look to be the most appropriate for me.

Of course, the Whole30 approach is an elimination diet. It is designed to help you eliminate the foods that aggravate your health. It is not a new dietery regime, either for wellness or weight loss.

If you feel that your health would benefit from a new eating pattern, you should consider a Paleo diet or the Wahls Protocol.

The Wahls Protocol is a form of paleolithic diet and I have tried this myself with quite good results.

However, all this talk of diet types is taking us away from the benefits of sweet potato waffles. Sweet Potato is a magical vegetable and is alleged to have many health benefits.

But, for me, there is only one main consideration. Sweet potatoes are easy to prepare, cook in only a few minutes and are gosh-darned delicious.

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Sweet Potato & Oats Waffles

We already eat sweet potato quite regularly. so when I started seeing the waffle recipes, I was intrigued.

Sweet Potato and Oats Waffles

Strictly speaking, Oats should not be part of a Whole30 diet. But, while they are grains, they are fairly low in gluten.

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Waffles

If my elimination diet goes to plan, then I may be eating these delicious waffles regularly. They can be combined with sweet or savoury toppings to provide a good variety of meal ideas.

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Waffles

This super-healthy recipe uses almond flour and oat flour to achieve a gluten-free status.

Chocolate chip sweet potato waffles

If you have a sweet-tooth then you will love these tasty chocolate chip sweet potato waffles.

Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Waffles

Your whole family will love these sweet waffles, for breakfast or for lunch, topped with fruit and maple syrup.

Waffles with bacon for a healthy breakfast

Sweet potato waffles served up with crispy bacon are a perfect breakfast recipe. Sweetened with maple syrup or honey, they will keep you energised all day.

Sweet Potato and Bacon Waffles

When you get your first waffle-iron, you will be so excited. Because you can make waffles from so many things and they can be eaten on almost any occasion.

Sweet Potato Latkes

They may not share the name but, these delicious latkes are made in your favourite waffle iron. A moment of serendipity brought Helen this wonderful sweet or savoury recipe.

Sweet Potato Latkes

Get yourself a waffle maker and unleash your culinary creativity. These delicious latkes will become a slam dunk favourite with your family. Eggs are a no-brainer topping for waffles so you may want to check out my keto egg recipes for some inspiration.

Mashed potato waffles

You don’t just need sweet potato for waffles. Ordinary mashed potato work really well too. I don’t know about you but, we always make far too many mashed potatoes for our normal consumption.

Mashed Potato Waffles

These mashed potato waffles are a terrific way to use the excess potato for breakfast the following morning.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Going vegan is not my aspiration. I was thinking about vegetarianism before reading about Whole30. However, many of us do adhere to a vegan diet.

Fluffy Sweet Potsto Pancakes

These delicious pancakes are fully vegan compliant. They make a fantastiv=c light breakfast or a satisfying lunch.

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Sweet Potato Waffle Recipes for the Whole30 dieter