Before we begin to explore the best restaurants in Nice, allow me to take you on a culinary journey on the Mediterranean coast.

Reminiscent of Parisian brunch menus, the frites featured a variety of oysters tied together with seasonal fruit sauce, and a choice of three courses for €79 per person. The Just Eat restaurant concept has been growing across Europe for more than a decade. The idea is to place restaurants that accept their own mobile app a short walk from the customer, such that their meal arrives at their door without the need to travel.

To drink, the “gasmodendron” (wine glass filled with eau de vie), or “balgausser” (wine glass filled with a Meursault or two), both made with Meursault riverside wines, were more than satisfying.

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Best Restaurants in Nice

My two-litre bottle of Meursault wine had been purchased locally. For local wines, visitors can avail themselves of one of The Bottle Shop’s wine pairings, which offer up different selections and also free delivery to any of these 5-star restaurants.

Access to these and other fine meals was made easy thanks to the Nice Metro North Rail Link, which conveniently connected me to this convenient air-conditioned restaurant delivery app. With almost a million residents, it is no surprise that the quality of life in Nice is arguably better than anywhere else in France. No wonder so many restaurants are desperately trying to lure you into their glamorous “Billionaire” bistros that continually feature on local media.

Where to eat in Nice

Enjoying a meal on the South Coast coast of France during spring time must come with some travel hassle, but that didn’t stop me headed out to see the sights. An experience I must never forget.

Where to Eat in Nice France

I ended up taking my friend to an all you can eat buffet lunch buffet at Le Sa controller, which is located in the heart of the city along the Promenade des Anglais. As we enjoyed a buffet selection of food, the owner and staff used colorful pasta spoons to spread the flavors over the beautiful plates. It got congested and pretty busy as people milled around and waited for their turn at the buffet.

The Ultimate Guide to Nice, France

We bought our tickets in advance to ensure a spot at the buffet, but when we got to the restaurant, the floor seemed to give whenever someone sat at the booth. After we finally ate our buffet, we walked around the outside patio and took in the vibrant flowers surrounding us.

Once again while ordering, I remarked how the floor beneath us seemed to give and that we could feel the weight.

The Ulimate Guide to Nice France including the best restaurants in Nice

“Gentlemen,” the owner and attendant responded. “Our French President, Charles de Gaulle, used this exact phrase while warning all citizens during a speech in the 1950s. He said, “The only thing that keeps the Nice weather in this Mediterranean Sea is the ubiquitous help of the dust particle.”

Food: The best in Nice

The buffet menu with over 100 different choices was more than enough for us to explore the city. In fact, we were so full that we ordered dessert for us and then left the buffet open so others could enjoy a plate or two.

After eating our desserts at another beach restaurant that was just a few blocks away, we walked back to the car with the middle-aged couple next to us. After purchase, my friend and I lit our car candles and lit up the road as a way to honor the fallen French President. They were aghast at the sight.

The best of Nice food at the best restaurants in Nice

Now we are planning our next trip. We can’t wait to visit other popular tourist destinations and enjoy the exquisite food and company along the way.

9 Best Things to Eat

As for me, I plan to use my wellness credit card so I don’t have to endure the French winter alone again. It would be such a waste to put up with the cold weather alone, anyway.

On my second visit, my invitation also came from the restaurant world, and not just because of the weather. In late May, the esteemed French chef Alain Passard delivered the prestigious “Au Premier Bon Appetit” award for his culinary creations at the prestigious “Le Gavril de la Grande Boucle” restaurant.

9 Best things to Eat in Nice at the best restaurants in Nice

Located in the heart of the historic heart of Nice, Le Gavril is a grand old building that still, to this day, serves as one of the most famous destinations for tourists in the French Riviera. The menu in the restaurant is somewhat unique amongst its contemporary competitors because it offers an extensive “choice” menu which means that the dining room is divided into four sections, the “Champagne Cellar”, “Others”, “A Selection” and “Snacks”.

How to spend the perfect weekend at the best restaurants

The “Champagne Cellar” features a menu of wines that begin with the traditional “Pauvrette” and go all the way through to the rarest “Château Margaux.” Other wine options from the Champagne Cellar include the “Merlot de la Grande Boucle” from Alsace, or the “Merlot Nebbiolo” from the Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Perfect Weekend in Nice france

The “Others” menu offers a variety of different dishes including meat pies with Burgundy ham, duck and succulent shanks of lamb, a seasonal fish salad dressed with Gruyère cheese, and a traditional Jewish truffe filled with smoked prosciutto and truffle. Other dishes on the “Others” menu might include foie gras with molding white truffles and duck confit.

Oliviera Restaurant

Finally, “Snacks” are common throughout all four menus in order to ease one into their meal. In Nice’s case, there are several snack options and there are much more than just bread and butter. Among them are mints dipped in white wine with citrusy harissa sauce, a lemon meringue pie filled with pistachio fritters, and tarts filled with crunchy sweet strawberries served with fluffy lactitol ice cream.

Oliveria Restaurant

There’s no question, that Alain Passard is a French chef who has elevated cooking to a whole new level. He has established himself as one of the greatest chefs of the past century and is firmly committed to the idea of classic, fresh French cooking.

What to do at the best restaurants in Nice

Having made the acquaintance of him at Le Gavril de la Grande Boucle, I was lucky enough to have his fine food served up at my lunchtime table that day. It was a day to remember as I relished my time at the best restaurants in Nice.

A Day Out in Nice

Speaking of which, Le Gavril de la Grande Boucle certainly proved to be one of my favorite meals of the visit, which left me in awe of just how good his food was and how simple it was.

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The best restaurants in Nice, France