The Dukan diet is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate plan that’s become popular for those seeking weight loss and health. Learn more about what the Dukan diet entails and whether this is a plan you should consider as part of your weight loss journey.

Diet Designed by Dr. Pierre Dukan
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The Dukan Diet, also known as The Dao of Korea and the Min Guk or The Little Chef. Has been a fiery success story for more than three decades. It holds strong appeal for anyone looking for a plan for effective weight loss and health. And a delicious meal plan to boot. While the emphasis is on bona fide Korean traditional medicine. Based on cultivated, non-GMO ingredients and snacks, there is no denying its effectiveness.

However, as with any new dietary framework or lifestyle regimen. The phrase “it can all be boiled down to carbs, fat, protein, and a little bit of sugar”. Still holds true. These aspects of the Dukan Diet are the crucial parts of the plan.

Celiac disease is a powerful autoimmune disease that is strongly associated with chronic and progressive weight gain. To minimize the chances of developing this debilitating autoimmune condition. The Dukan Diet proposed that gluten be avoided or at least dramatically reduced. The Yale-Philly group’s gluten-free protocol resulted in a significant reduction in patients’ gluten sensitivity. Other research has turned up promising results when eliminating dairy and gluten. Especially when paired with healthier calorie-dense foods like vegetables and fish.

The Dukan Diet

To achieve these goals, those planning on following The Dukan Diet must eat mostly whole, plant-based foods. This means no gluten, dairy, grains, potatoes, salt, or sugar. These foods must be consumed together with some fermented/uncooked sources. Like vegetables, sediments like kelp, and spices like chilies and serrano peppers. Just a few of the plant sources that comprise the diet include:

Despite the fact that carbohydrates are the single most source of energy after it. The Dutchman, who is not above eating cheese and butter on occasion, also eliminated fat. Evidence suggests that the lowered metabolism of fats actually accelerates weight gain. And contributes to life-threatening health complications like diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver disease, and cholesterol imbalances.

Compensate with high-protein meat.

To compensate, The Dukan Diet encouraged its followers to consume more protein. Specifically, the dieters were advised to eat meat and seafood. At least 2–3 times a week, although dairy products were also included as an optional option.

This meal planning approach was immensely successful in fostering the weight loss that The Dukan Diet promised. The participants experienced a 1–2 kg (2–3 lbs) weight loss or gain around week 4. Which seemed to indicate a more permanent weight reduction would be attainable in most patients.

As defined by medical experts. The Dukan Diet shares vitamin requirements with a traditional Mediterranean diet although it’s not as restrictive.

The DASH Diet

DASH dietitians, the authors of the ‘Nutrition and Dietetics Guidelines for Americans 2019,’ created the DASH diet for those on a low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein ketogenic diet who also have Type 2 diabetes.

While it includes gluten-free options for those who have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, the guidelines don’t include the RDA for protein; instead, it recommends reaching 25–35 grams of protein from low-carbohydrate sources like peanut butter and Greek yogurt and then mixing in additional proteins from elsewhere in your diet.

Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss and ketosis are not attainable at a carb intake this low; therefore, the DASH diet is not considered a weight-loss diet. That said, some people who follow the diet lose weight and many report improved blood sugar, cholesterol and overall health.

The authors of the DASH eating guidelines recommend that flexible,individualized insulin schedules be used instead of insulin-Protease Kid-Out (IPO). IPO is an enzyme created by the pancreas, in combination with insulin, that helps the body break down, absorb and use glucose and uses a Canadian rehydration solution to enhance this process.

Research has shown that this combo can cause side effects in healthy adults and patients with Type 2 diabetes, including weight gain, bloating, digestive issues, high blood sugar, lowered iron levels and increased acne, which may be exacerbated by excess protein intake, acne-treatment just one of many potential side effects.

The key benefit of the DASH eating approach is the ability to intuitively meet your protein goals and leave the restrictive aspects of high-protein diets behind.

How Easy is it to follow the DASH Diet

It does not have to be boring or restrictive; you can spice it up by experimenting with lower-carbohydrate elements from time to time rather than completely avoiding protein. One can add more vegetables, legumes, nut butter, seeds and low-fat dairy like Greek yoghurt. You may use your budget more efficiently by enlisting a dietitian to devise a personalized plan to meet your current protein needs.


Unfortunately, the high concentration of iron in processed meats caused an outbreak of anaemia and anaphylactic shock in four patients who scored highly on a food allergy food scale, and an analysis of this study showed high consumption of chicken may make it more difficult for some to absorb vitamin C, thus increasing the risk of an anaphylactic shock.

Eating a high-protein diet safely and allowing the body to function normally requires a balance of micronutrients, not just protein and fat.

What is the Dukan Diet?

The Dukan Diet is a high-calorie diet that promotes eating fish, poultry, eggs, legumes, whole grains, fruit and green leafy vegetables on 2,000–3,000 calories per day, a sample meal includes a 4-ounce steak, a cup of 1/2 avocado and 1/4 cup brown rice. The diet excludes dairy and some grains and calls for a high-protein, moderate-fat intake. Participants also limit added sugar intake to less than 10 grams per day.


The healthy eating plan focuses on eating a wide variety of plants, fruits, whole grains and “healthy fats” such as vegetable oils, nuts and seeds. You can expect to save anywhere from 5–30% of your income on the Dukan Diet. One study found following the Dukan diet for at least six months (with higher energy expenditure and a higher protein intake) resulted in a 7.7% greater caloric deficit and a 28.2% greater weight loss than calorie restriction alone.

Another study found participants lost roughly 8–12% more weight than those following calorie-reduced diets alone.

Although the Dukan Diet is high in protein (17.1% of your daily calorie intake is for protein, in addition to the healthy fats and fruits and grains), it’s not hard to hit your daily protein needs with whole grains and legumes. If you need a protein boost for a post-workout snack or meal, you can try one of the many vegetarian options in the plan’s kitchen.


Your daily limit for added sugar on the Dukan Diet is no more than 10 grams. This is a moderate-fat diet, and many sources of added sugar are excluded. Foods that fall within this guideline include most fruit juices, candy, ice cream, baked goods and processed snacks. It’s also a good idea to skip baked goods and soda, which are high in added sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, look for a protein-rich option, such as a shake with natural sugar or 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt with a splash of skim milk.


The Dukan Diet is a sustainable, healthy way to eat while losing weight. With a little planning and extra attention to portions, some people can lose weight and eat a healthy diet while following the Dukan Diet. While the diet is not an easy method for beginners due to limited equipment and limited time, it can be adapted to meet your goals.

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