I took my cue for Top Restaurants in Florence for steak from the very informative Italy’s best cities for food.

The historic centre of Florence is a ZTL. Not a problem, unless you have a car.

A ZTL is a Zona Traffico Limitato which is a Tuscan traffic calming measure. This is a limited traffic zone which may only be accessible to pedestrians, taxis and buses.

DO NOT take your car into a ZTL, unless you have a special permit. The fines for doing so are exorbitant.

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Top Restaurants in Florence

But, you didn’t bring a car. Cool! You can have a glass of wine in the top restaurants you are about to visit.

You don’t have to look too hard, to find a good restaurant in Florence. Almost any street in Florence will have an acceptable trattoria, enoteca.

The Best Place to Try Florence’s Famous Steaks

It may surprise you but, Florence is the heart of cattle country in Italy. And Florence is famous for beef steak. The local beef comes from the renowned chianina cow.

Il Latini Steak Restaurant

You should click the above link, if you want to see the biggest piece of meat I have ever clapped eyes on.

Steak in Florence – Where to Eat Bistecca alla Fiorentina

If you were sitting in a restaurant and the waiter brought you a bistecca alla fiorentina. You would be in no doubt that you were in Florence.

Bistecca alla Florentina

What makes a fiorentina different is that it is cut from a Chianina cow raised in Tuscany. This is a T-bone steak, you will remember for a very long time.

Where to Eat in Florence

Florence is an ancient city with a lot of history. It will be impossible to see everything worth seeing in a single visit.

Enjoying great food and excellent wine in Florence is not difficult at all! Aside from trying out the places that are often recommended in the guide books, just walk down any street and Florence and select a trattoria, enoteca or restaurant in Florence that seems appealing and you’ll surely eat a fine meal!

Where to eat in Florence

The locals in Florence, tend to eat late in the day tan you may be used to. So, if you see a busy restaurant before 7 in the evening, it is probably catering for tourists.

It has been my experience, to always follow the locals when tracking down goos food establishments.

20 best Florence Restaurants

As a foodie, we travel for the best cuisine we can find. Florence has the reputation of being one of the culinary capitals of the world.

And Tuscan food reigns supreme in some of the finest Florence restaurants.

20 Best Florence Restaurants

The typical fare of Florence is not ‘Haute Cuisine’. It is the centuries-old ‘peasant’ recipes that have fed the tradesmen of the city. Indeed, Brunelleschi, the architect of the Duomo, may have partaken of this style of food.

Our Favourite Restaurants in Florence

Part of the adventure of travelling is finding that idyllic little taverna where the waiters took you to their heart. You want to visit this lovely, friendly diner, every day.

But, you can’t. There are so many other, possibly better, restaurants to explore. So much food, so little time.

Best Restaurants in Florence

If you are travelling with the children. You will be pleased to know that most of the restaurants mentioned here are kid-friendly.

However, if you are sitting outside, there will be cigarette smoke. It is Italy.

Where to Eat Now: Florence

I know we have mentioned it before. But, steaks in Florence are big and worth a reprise. You are in cow-country, in Florence and the Bistecca alla fiorentina must not be missed.

This thick-cut T-bone steak may be the most flavoursome piece of beef you have ever tasted.

Giada Favourite Spots in Florence

Trattoria Cammillo is great for a party night out. Check out Giada’s post to see the pictures.

Probably not a stop for the budget-conscious. But worth the slightly higher prices, without doubt.

The 10 Hottest New Restaurants in Florence

We shall be taking a look at the busiest and buzzist new restaurants in Florence. Not renowned for being at the front of the progressive European food scene. Florence is fiercely rooted in tradition.

10 Best New Restaurants in Florence

However, the emergence of new restaurants with creative chefs may be about to change the provincial habits of this Tuscan city.

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