I was a little surprised to discover that one of the top questions asked of Google was: “What cookies can I eat on Weight Watchers?”. So, I naturally, looked into weight watchers cookies to indulge.

The use of sugar began to be popular in Persia around the 7th century A.D. Cookies appeared shortly thereafter. The cookie popularity spread to Europe during the Muslim conquest of Spain in the 14th century.

Cookies were popular with all people. From Royal households to everyday street market stalls.

In English speaking European countries, cookies were more commonly known as biscuits.

The first historic record of cookies is, according to culinary historians, as a “test cake”. A small quantity of cake batter was baked to test the temperature of the oven, before baking any bread or cake.

Historians tell us that sugar originated in the lowlands of Bengal from where it spread to Persia. Luxurious cakes were well known in the Persian Empire.

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Weight Watchers Cookies

Cookies are, naturally, very rich in sugar. So, developing weight watchers cookies requires us to find an alternative sweetening ingredient that is less calorific.

When people started travelling, biscuits (hardtack) became essential. Biscuits were portable food that stayed fresh for long periods of time.

However, baking was a skill that was managed through a series of Guilds or Professional Associations.

And to become a baker, you had to complete an apprenticeship and then work up through the ranks to Master Baker.

Weight Watchers Brownie Cookies

Brownie Cookies that are compliant with Weight Watchers guidelines. These chocolate cookies are the best chocolate brownies WW recipe that come with Smart Points. Scrumptious snacks that are great desserts or amazing breakfast treats.

Weight Watchers Brownie Cookies

Weight Watchers chewy chocolate fudge cookies are so indulgent. Soft, chewy, fudgy WW heaven.

A Weight Watchers recipe you can make at home and amaze your friends when you tell them, the cookies are not store-bought.

Weight Watchers Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Mmmm, yum. Banana Oatmeal cookies. So indulgent that they couldn’t be healthy.

But, banana and oatmeal are both super healthy ingredients. I love this incredible cookie recipe.

Weight Watchers Banana Oatmeal Cookies

You will not miss the added fat of these flavoursome Weight Watchers Banana Oatmeal Cookie. A great recipe for using your overripe bananas and you will want to make these cookies every week.

Decadent Weight Watchers Cookie Recipes

You have no need to miss out on dessert. You simply need to have these decadent Weight Watchers cookie recipes to hand.

I find the best thing about the Weight Watchers plan is that you eat what you want and still lose weight. Provided you follow the plan.

Weight Watchers Decadent Cookie Recipes

Looking after your weight is never easy when you have a family to feed.

The biggest problem with most diet plans is that you ca’t really eat alongside your family.

However, with the Weight Watchers plan, your family will never know you are feeding them diet food.

Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Cookies

I must confess: I am not a great fan of peanut butter. But, these peanut butter cookies do sound quite tempting.

Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Cookies

I might find thet the cookie is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Weight Watchers Almond Joy Cookies

Unlike the peanut butter cookie that went before, these almond joy cookies could well be one of my favourites.

A simple recipe with only 4 ingredients, these dreamy low-carb chocolate chip coconut cookies are sure to be a hit.

Weight Watchers Almod Joy Cookies

These delicious cookies are sweetened with low-carb stevia and filled with ridiculously- healthy coconut.

3-Ingredient Sugar-Free Apple Almond Cookies

Delicious and healthy, these sugar-free apple almond cookies are ideal for junior’s lunch-box. You will have an eager audience when you offer these tasty titbits after school.

Furthermore, these cookies have only 3 ingredients and can be easily assembled in a few minutes. This recipe should provide roughly 12 biscuits.

3 Ingredient Apple Almon Cookies

And, these delightful cookies are compatible with weight watchers green, blue and purple plans.

Double Chocolate-chip Cookies

You know that Double Chocolate chip cookies can only mean two things. Double the taste and double the indulgence.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

You will see these delicious bites described as skinny chocolate chip cookies but, they still manage to contain butter, dark brown sugar, 2 eggs and unsweetened cocoa.

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Weight Watcher Cookies to indulge without regret