I make no apology for including a selection of Whole30 Breakfast Recipes here. The truth is that I was looking for a choice of easy Whole30 Breakfast Recipes for my own use.

My health has been in the doldrums for a long time. I have multiple sclerosis but, I am determined to find a way of coping with this debilitating disease.

The Whole30 diet is an elimination diet. This will find out which healthy foods will help me fight. And, which foods I am better to avoid.

However, I already know that I MUST avoid dairy. And, I believe I should also give bread and other bakery products a wide berth.

Furthermore, my hope is that by completing a Whole30 session, I can establish, conclusively, what my MS diet should be.

But, Whole30 is about eliminating more than just dairy and bakery products.

Whole30 Breakfast Options

Like many people, I start my day with breakfast. I want to be sure that anything I do eat will be Whole30 compliant. Granola or toast would be my go-to foods for starting the day.

But, toast is not Whole30 and my oat granola is questionable. So, it is time to start eliminating.

One of the debilitating symptoms of MS is very poor memory. It turns out that I have already investigated MS Breakfast solutions.

However, we can’t have too many breakfast guidelines so, I will leave the extra entry for the sake of variety or posterity.

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One-Skillet Breakfast

When you are starting out with Whole30, you are going to need to reassess your view of food entirely. Take this one-skillet breakfast, for example. Potatoes, bacon and eggs are all good Whole30 foods. I have been, deliberately, avoiding bacon for years and I never thought a great deal about eggs.

Time for a mindset reset. I have been eating both bacon and eggs, for several weeks and I can report no negative health impact.

One Skillet Breakfast

Potatoes are, very much, a staple food, especially in Scotland and Ireland. They are a superb source of carbohydrates and are not fattening.

In addition, they are a very easy crop to grow in your own garden. How healthy would that be?

Southwest Breakfast Bake

This Southwest breakfast bake is another candidate for a mental shift in my food outlook. You must remember, I am a Scot. I was brought up on greasy fried breakfasts. So, the idea of a healthy breakfast bake is an alien concept.

Southwest Brreakfast Bake

But, it’s amazing how quickly one can overcome years of brain-washing if you have the right incentive.

Whole30 Breakfast Hash

Now we’re starting to look like a real morning meal. This Whole30 Breakfast Hash is not only Paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free, but it is also a real, substantial meal to start your day.

Whole30 Breakfast Hash Recipe

Fresh butternut squash, mushrooms and spinach make this a tantalising taste experience. Top it with a couple of sunny-side-up fried eggs and you will be ready to face anything the day can bring.

Veggie Loaded Breakfast Bake

Is this an omelette or a tortilla? That may depend on you being from Spain or Mexico. Wherever you are from, this veggie-loaded breakfast bake will give you more than enough energy to tackle the hardest day.

Veggie Loaded Breakfast Bake

I am a sucker for spinach. Yes, I was Popeye in a previous incarnation. The breakfast bake includes my favourite vegetable and it also looks really tasty.

Whole30 Breakfast Bacon Turkey Burger

I thought waffles might have featured earlier in my list of Whole30 breakfast. They are such an easy way to bulk out a light breakfast in the healthiest of ways.

Whole30 Breakfast Bacon Turkey Burger

I feel sure that most people would have bacon and turkey burger

Whole30 Sweet Potato Protein Breakfast Bowl

Sweet potato is a fantastically flexible vegetable. There are countless tasty recipes for amazing sweet potato dishes.

Whole30 Sweet Potato Protein Breakfast Bowl

This whole30 sweet potato protein breakfast bowl demonstrates just how flexible this incredible food is.

Keto Whole30 Chicken Sausage Breakfast Bowl

Sausage is not a food that I associate with healthy eating. But, a good-quality sausage can be a valuable source of protein. Forget the cheap supermarket sausages. They are not real sausages.

Keto Whole30 Chicken Sausage Breakfast Bowl

This delicious breakfast bowl recipe uses chicken sausage to make this a ketogenic, whole30 breakfast recipe.

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